Seven Tips To Toilet Train Your Toddler


by Deanna

So we officially started toilet training our recently-turned two year old on the weekend. Being our second child we thought we would remember everything. We didn’t.

We’re on day six and things are going well! Here’s what we did (and some tips for those prepping and wondering where to start).

5 things I never knew about toilet training


by Emmy

1. Number one is a doozy. When all of my mum friends were sharing how they were toilet training or how their children were ‘toilet trained’ I thought that meant they were toilet trained. As in every wee and every poo successfully landed in the toilet. Upon experience it actually just means they are not wearing nappies and they probably still do have accidents. Ok there are a few children who, once commenced toilet training, never had any accidents (pretty sure this was me; did I mention I was a genius albeit tantrum throwing baby?) but for the vast majority when they say toilet trained/training, it means yes there are accidents, it is a process. It is just that talking about scraping poo from your kids undies isn’t really a latte sipping mama conversation starter. Go figure.