Seven Tips To Toilet Train Your Toddler


by Deanna

So we officially started toilet training our recently-turned two year old on the weekend. Being our second child we thought we would remember everything. We didn’t.

We’re on day six and things are going well! Here’s what we did (and some tips for those prepping and wondering where to start).

Failed detox: Part One


by Emmy

I am going to do a month long detox. I am going to do yoga. Go swimming. Walk at least one hour every day. Stop drinking coffee. Do a juice cleanse. No gluten. No sugar. No dairy. No meat. No caffeine (like NONE). Seriously I think I was in a we-sold-our-house-and-have-no-where-to-live-false-sense-of-security-frame-of-mind. When I look at that I think Emmy … what on earth were you thinking? Not only did I say I was going to do all that … I went and freaking published it on Instagram for the whole world (ahem 3K+) people to see. Like seriously? Only one word for this type of thinking. CRAY. (Yes I am aware that isn’t actually a word).