Mama Crush: Amy Osmanhodzic

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by Deanna

Ok. We’re just going to put this out there. All four of us mamas have had a HUGE crush on the beautiful Amy, for what feels like forever. And when she jumped onto our screens with that birth video, well, we soon amped up our ‘crush’ to full on ‘love affair’. Amy is mama to three divine little beings, and a hypnobirthing teacher and birth doula, founding Earthbound Babies. She has recently moved her family from Perth over to the Byron Bay hinterland, and we couldn’t be happier. Now living that little bit closer, we hope to meet in person one day soon, so we can goo and gaa over her beautiful children, and her gorgeous smile. Did we mention her husband plays guitar and can sing? Yes, you can officially start crushing now too. Read on to find out more about this amazing mama …

Interview with Nadine Richardson of She Births

Pregnancy & Birth

She Births The Merge Journal Birthing Pregnancy

by Liz

When I was pregnant with my first daughter I went on the hunt for the best birth course I could find. I knew I wanted to birth as naturally as possible and wanted a course where I could learn all of my options and walk away with both myself and my hubby feeling confident and prepared for the birth of our baby.

When I came across Nadine Richardson’s She Births course I was positive that it was the perfect birth course for us and the fact that it was held in Sydney and we live in Melbourne was just a minor detail. Yep, we flew to Sydney for the weekend course. I’m sure some people would think I was crazy but I just wasn’t able to find a birth course as comprehensive as She Births in Melbourne!

Luckily for you there are now trained She Births teachers across the country and even overseas, all trained by Nadine, and an online course is also available.

The trip to Sydney was well worth it, I really couldn’t recommend She Births highly enough. I’ve now used the techniques I learnt with the birth of both of my babies and have had two intervention free birthing experiences.