20 Facts: Candice


FullSizeRender (1)1. I’m that annoying person singing along to all the songs on the radio but can’t seem to get a single verse right.

2. I can say the alphabet backwards!

3. Thanks to my family living over in Japan, I’ve been lucky enough to travel there five times or maybe six … I really can’t remember.

4. If you’re eating chewing gum, do not come near me – it makes me physically feel ill.

5. Before the girls, I was a volunteer for the SES, I had hopes of one day becoming a paramedic.

20 Facts: Liz


Liz 20 facts pic

1. I’m a Capricorn.

2. I struggle to spend money on myself but have no problems spending a fortune on my girls.

3. I’m not into lollies but gimme all the chocolate.

4. Dreaming of taking a year out of life and traveling the globe with my gang @courtneyadamo style.

5. Some days I think I’d like three more babies, other days I think “can I return these two?”

20 Facts: Deanna



1. I take labels and stickers off everything I buy. Even a magazine from a newsstand – I take the price label off before I can read it because it doesn’t look as pretty with it on there.

2. After I prep food, I tidy the kitchen before I can sit down to eat, even if it means cold porridge.

3. Moving furniture around is my idea of fun.

4. I write lists for everything.

5. ‘Plato’ is not my surname – it’s ‘Platings’ … An old friend used to call my husband Plato, and I therefore was Mrs Plato, that’s where my IG and blog name came from.

20 Facts: Emmy


Emmy 20 facts

1. My full name is Emma [No middle name] O’Neill. O’Neill is spelt O’NEILL two L’s people! I would never have changed my name if I knew it would be so complicated. Most people call me Emmy or Em.

2. I have two children Oliver [No middle name] O’Neill and Isla [No middle name] O’Neill. We decided to carry on the tradition of no middle names as both my parents and Grandad don’t have one either. O’Neill is spelt the same with two L’s.

3. We call Oliver ‘Rex’ and he calls Isla ‘Rara’ which is how my blog REX+RARA came about.

4. I am addicted to coffee. Love me a good espresso.

5. I moved to Paris when I was 22 and literally cried when I arrived at Charles de Gaulle as everyone was speaking French. Duh Emmy obviously they were speaking French. It was FRANCE!