Seven Tips To Toilet Train Your Toddler


by Deanna

So we officially started toilet training our recently-turned two year old on the weekend. Being our second child we thought we would remember everything. We didn’t.

We’re on day six and things are going well! Here’s what we did (and some tips for those prepping and wondering where to start).

1. Roll up the rugs (or keep them out of carpeted areas if you can) it makes clean up so much easier. Because there WILL be accidents.

2. Go cold turkey. Nappy off, jocks or undies on. Or nude is even better (less laundry!).

3. Set your alarm for every thirty minutes as a reminder (trust me, you’ll kick yourself if you JUST miss an accident).

4. Choose some books you’re willing to get dirty (read: get a little pee on). And be prepared to spend ALOT of time sitting on the floor reading. Even while breastfeeding the third babe at the same time, if, like me, you’re doing this with a new baby in your arms.

5. Don’t get angry when they have accidents. Just say ‘woops’ we need to do that on the potty. Also, don’t ‘force’ them on. If they say they don’t want to go, don’t push it – they’ll soon learn (hopefully) after a few accidents.

6. Praise praise praise! Go nuts on the clapping and jumping up and down and ‘Yay’s’ when they do it. Their gleaming smile and excitement will make them want to please you again!

7. (If you’re using the potty) Let them help you empty their ‘business’ into the toilet. This way they’ll learn that the toilet is where they eventually need to do it.

That’s it folks.

Editor’s note: Louie is now successfully toilet trained after only starting on the 24th June 2017.  That’s right, he is toilet trained in is less than a month! He does have the odd accident. He wears a nappy at night but wears undies only during his day sleeps AND wakes up dry.  Go Louie AND go Deanna! I can officially say that my boy Ollie took a little (more like a lot) longer to toilet train; did you read my article on the Five things I didn’t know about Toilet Training? It just goes to show that we all have different experiences and that our children are all different. So let’s embrace our differences and support one another folks.

Are you currently toilet training? Do you have any other tips that worked for you? Let us know below, and let’s help each other out. #themergejournal



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