You put what in ya coffee?


by Liz

Every morning for the past few months I’ve started my day with a cup of coffee loaded with butter and coconut oil. It’s delicious, doesn’t make me cray cray like regular coffee does and it keeps me feeling full right up until lunch time. I’ve shared my morning coffee ritual on my Instagram stories a few times and have had lots of people wondering what the heck it’s all about, so I thought I’d explain.

Bulletproof is a way of eating developed by Dave Asprey which involves eating plenty of high quality saturated fat like grass fed butter and coconut oil. Bulletproof followers stay away from most carbs to avoid blood sugar spikes – instead eating mostly veg, protein from grass fed animals and eggs, and good quality fats.

Bulletproof coffee is a key component of the diet and boasts benefits such as increased mental clarity, reduced hunger, increased energy and physical performance. Plus saturated fats are important for both our brain and digestive health. I won’t go too much further into all the benefits but if you’re interested in reading more I’d recommend a read of the Bulletproof blog.

Personally, I have never been a coffee drinker. I’ve always loved the taste, but it sent my brain haywire for a good 5 or so hours if I ever tried to drink it, so I stayed well away. When I heard about all the benefits of Bulletproof coffee and that it doesn’t come with the jittery feeling like regular coffee I was keen to give it a try, and I haven’t looked back.

Every morning I have my fat filled coffee and then I don’t eat again until lunch – which is HUGE for me as I’m usually ALWAYS hungry and can’t last the distance between breaky and lunch without a snack (or three). For better digestion I’m trying to avoid snacking to give my gut a decent break between meals, so it’s been perfect for me in that aspect. I can have my coffee (which is delicious I promise!) then head out and do the kinder drop off etc etc and not feel hungry until around midday! I’m not trying to lose weight at all, but BP coffee is reported to be a useful weight loss tool if that’s your goal. I eat a huge cooked lunch and dinner to make sure I’m not missing out on any vital nutrition by skipping breakfast and I’ve noticed that I feel really good! I don’t get that crazy hunger that I used to get when I had eaten carbs for breakfast, which I now know cause a blood sugar spike and set me up for a day of feeling hungry and tired – not cool!

The basic bulletproof coffee recipe is (high quality) coffee + grass fed butter + MCT oil/brain octane oil (both available through Bulletproof and are made from coconut oil) but I like to hack mine a little and make it extra awesome! Oh, and if you don’t like coffee or don’t want to be consuming any caffeine, you can make your tea, chai or matcha bulletproof instead!

Here’s my recipe:

1 tbs high quality organic coffee*

1 cup boiled filtered water

2 tbs grassfed unsalted butter

1 tbs Brain octane oil (before I invested in a bottle of Brain Octane I used 2 tbs unrefined coconut oil)

1 tsp Colostrum (available from health food stores and amazing for gut health and immunity)

1/2 teaspoon Reishi powder**

1/2 teaspoon He Shou Wu**

1-2 tbs Great Lakes hydrolyzed collagen powder (I buy mine on Iherb)

2 drops liquid stevia (if you use sugar to sweeten it will cause a blood sugar spike and you won’t get the same suppressed hunger benefit. Even natural sugar like honey or maple syrup will cause a spike, so stick to stevia if you need it sweetened)

These things are the specific herbs and supplements that I’m using right now and am feeling a benefit from, so feel free to experiment with whatever you like to personalize your coffee!


Brew your coffee in a French press. I like to reheat mine slightly in a pot on the stove or the thermomix once it’s brewed because the blending cools it down quite a bit and I like my coffee hot, but that is just a personal preference. Strain the brewed coffee into a blender with all other ingredients except the collagen and blend on high for a few seconds until the fat is totally disbursed and the coffee is nice and frothy, then add the collagen and give it one last quick blend- the structure of the collagen is damaged if it’s blended for too long. Pour into your favourite cup and enjoy!

** The thing is, around 90% of coffee beans can contain contain mould, which is pretty harmful to our health and is a known carcinogen. Dave Asprey sells Bulletproof coffee beans and coffee ground that are guaranteed to be mould free, you can purchase through the Optimoz website in Australia but it’s quite expensive. Word on the street is that the Macro brand of organic coffee available at Woolworths meets the criteria that the Bulletproof brand beans meet, so they should be mould free too (fingers crossed), and is a lot more affordable however if you want guaranteed mould free coffee beans you’ll have to fork out for the Bulletproof brand.

* I buy my Reishi and He Shou wu from Superfeast for amazing quality. He Shou wu is an adrenal herb and Reishi is the master medicinal mushroom and is a potent healer.


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