Tooshies by TOM


by Liz

I’m a researcher. Google is my friend and I use it often. When I was pregnant with my first baby I was in research overdrive. I mean I researched basically everything you could imagine. The pile of books on my bedside table was impressive (and slightly daunting!).

I got onto the topic of nappies – researching cloth, elimination communication, disposables, the impact on the environment and the toxic chemicals found in standard disposable nappies.

I was shocked. A baby wears a nappy almost 100% of the time until learning to use the potty which is usually around age two, but can be until the three year mark. So it’s touching their skin for 2 or 3 years straight, unless you practice elimination communication. Now, I don’t know about you, but if something is going to be pressed up against my baby’s delicate skin for two years straight then I want to be damn sure that there are no nasties in there.

Unfortunately, your standard disposable nappy contains a number of chemicals used in the drying agents, bleach, dyes and fragrances. Dioxins are among the worst (you might remember from history class that Agent Orange, used in the Vietnam War, was a Dioxin) and is a proven carcinogen – meaning it can cause cancer! Other chemicals used in popular brands of disposables have been found to cause or exacerbate asthmatic conditions, cause reproductive & infertility problems,  hormonal problems, developmental & cognitive problems, suppressed immune system, diabetes, endometriosis, allergic reactions, chemical burns and nappy rash.

I found this information completely shocking. Knowing that everything we put on the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream, I needed to research as much as possible to find a safe nappy option for my precious baby.

I decided to use a combination of modern cloth nappies and disposable nappies and to begin potty learning from a young age.

This worked well for us but when I had my second daughter I just couldn’t face adding any more washing to my overflowing laundry pile, so I decided to use just Eco disposables. Yes, buying Eco brand nappies is more expensive than cheap supermarket brands and we really could have done with the extra cash, but knowing the above information, buying cheap regular nappies just wasn’t an option for us so we made cost cuts in other areas.

I think I can probably say that I’ve tried just about every brand of Eco disposable on the market in Australia. I’ve never used regular brand disposables so I can’t compare, but I find that Eco disposables do a good job and over the course of the four years that I’ve been using nappies on my babies I’ve found that they have improved in leaps and bounds. Of course, some are better than others. Some I’ve experienced leakage issues with, some are too expensive, some don’t fit quite snug enough and most aren’t easily accessible in leading supermarkets.

When I heard that TOM Organic were releasing Tooshies by TOM, a range of Eco disposable nappies and wipes a few months ago I was way more excited than I probably should have been (that’s mum life for you!). I’ve used TOM for my female hygiene and maternity products for years now and I truly believe in the integrity of the company and their products, so I was bursting to try their nappies!

On first impression, Tooshies by TOM are super cute. There hasn’t been an Eco disposable in Australia (that I’m aware of) to feature a fun print, so I’ve got to say, on a completely shallow level, I was excited about having a cute nappy on my baby’s bottom finally!

They also fit really well and the stretchy waistband means they mould to that cute little bum perfectly with minimal saggy bum effect (you know that saggy nappy butt I’m talking about?). Most importantly, they really stack up in the absorbency department (hooray!) and not only do they perform well, they are also toxin free and sustainable which gives it a big tick of approval in my book. And the icing on the nappy cake is that with every purchase of Tooshies by TOM a percentage is donated to Birthing Kit Australia – a beautiful charity which provides safe birthing kits to women in developing countries.

Head over to Tooshies by TOM to find out your local stockist.

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5 thoughts on “Tooshies by TOM

  1. I hear you! We have limited options for eco friendly nappies over in the UK. So we are doing the cloth nappy… oh my the washing!


  2. I love tooshies! I’m sad because my 18 month old is now officially too big for their largest size..there are other eco nappies but none really compare IMO! x


  3. Great write up! I absolutely love these nappies and have been using them for the last 9 months. I wouldn’t choose any other disposable nappy! How amazing is it that the nappy is both gentle on baby’s skin as well as on our planet. I would recommend these nappies to every mama and I definitely will be using them with any future babies 😉 I’m a little sad our babe is already wearing the largest size available. Hehe. X


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