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Emma has bravely shared with us here, the birth story of her daughter Lila:

Sunday 12th June, it had been a pretty normal day except for a niggling tooth pain, was an odd one and not your typical tooth pain, so of course, Maya’s nap time I spent some quality time with Google ‘tooth pain and labour’…’can tooth pain be a labour sign?’ Yes I was clutching at straws wanting this baby to come and funnily enough many other fellow crazy mums had tooth pain before labour!

We went to dinner at my parents house and everything was totally normal apart from the tooth pain, we had discussions around the dinner table that this baby had better have made its arrival by next Sunday!

We went home and I lay down with Maya to put her to sleep, I think I may have dozed off for 20 minutes or so and when I woke at 9.15 I had some niggling pains! I told Matt but didn’t want to get my hopes up! I tried going back to bed, I was pretty determined to get some rest as Maya’s marathon labour really took it out of me and I felt that being rested would really help me cope better this time around! I was up and down for an hour or so going to the toilet, losing big bits of my mucous plug so I told Matt I was pretty sure this was it! My contractions were coming pretty regularly at this point but still 4-5 minutes apart. I gave up on laying in bed at around midnight and pottered around the house breathing through my contractions, and packing my hospital bags (oops, no wonder I forgot some essentials). I was surprising myself with how well I was coping with them as they got worse. It was all going well, until … Maya woke crying, (crap) so there I am laying down next to her singing twinkle twinkle little star while breathing through contractions and trying to avoid her picking up that there was something going on! They died down a little in that half hour and when I came out of the room at 2.50am it really kicked up! I called my midwife and had a chat, I felt bad calling knowing I would wake her but I knew it was the real deal, and given that I live 25 minutes from the hospital, I needed to get my parents over and give my midwife time to get there, I had to be organised! After speaking to her I called my dad, he was so confused given I had been at dinner a few hours earlier with no signs of anything happening! I told them not to rush but to come in the next hour! They were coming close to three minutes apart now, sometimes less and I wasn’t getting long in between each one, but I felt in such a good head space, I felt like I was really coping well but it was 4.10am and mum and dad still hadn’t arrived. I called dad again, something along the lines of ‘fuck I hope you are almost here’ they arrived and dad stayed here with Maya and Matt, Mum and I went to the hospital!

We got there about 5.10am and I was in serious pain at this stage! In my head I still had a long way ahead of me, 12 hours into Maya’s labour and I had dilated 4cm so I was sure that this pain was nothing on what was to come!

 My midwife arrived a few minutes after us, I hadn’t met her yet, she was the stand in for my midwife who had the weekend off (of course!) she was so lovely and we chatted and she watched me for a few minutes before stating that I wasn’t going anywhere and she went to get me some tags and paperwork! I had to pee in a cup, I left it in the bathroom and when Matt went to go in there I had to warn him about the pee cup with mucous plug floaties in it, ah the joys!

My midwife came back in around 5.45am and offered to check and see how dilated I was, I was eager to find out to see what was ahead of me and I said to mum and Matt ‘if she says I’m only 3 fucking centimetres someone is going to get hurt’ she stuck her hand up there ‘well done sweetie you’re 8-9cm’ holy shit I couldn’t believe it! How the hell did it happen so quickly and how was I coping so well so close to the end? I asked for the gas but it did absolutely nothing this time, although it served as a good tool for biting down on during contractions!

It all got a bit blurry from here, my back was in agony, (not something that happened with Maya) and Mum, Matt and my midwife took it in turns holding a heat pack on my back. My midwife was rubbing my legs and I was struggling to find a comfortable position.

My waters still hadn’t broken so I was getting impatient thinking it wouldn’t happen until they broke. My midwife spoke of the possibility of the baby being born in the sac!

I finally got comfortable on my knees leaning on the top of the bed and around 6.30am I started getting that ‘bearing down feeling’ my waters were still in tact as far as we knew and all those memories of baby coming down were flooding back, there was a few ‘why did we do this again?’ questions to Matt! Even this late in the game I was making my mum text dad to check if Maya was still asleep!

At about 7am my midwife gave me the go ahead to push, I felt like this part was harder this time but I can’t pinpoint why! That gas mouthpiece had some serious teeth indents on it and at 7.20am after 20 minutes of pushing, our beautiful Lila’s head came out with a gush of waters and I reached under and bought her up to me after the next push! I was so shocked that it had all happened so quickly! I must have had a hind water leak that went unnoticed! I had a second degree tear even though my midwife and I both did what we were meant to, it was the same tear as I had with Maya! They gave me the gas back while they were stitching me up and holy hell it knocked the socks off me, so funny that a few hours earlier it had done absolutely nothing! We had 2.5 hours skin to skin, my most favourite part! I had two very different births and if I go back for a third I won’t be hanging around at home for too long!

All birth stories are different and we want to empower and support all kinds of births. We all have individual reactions to reading birth stories; some make us happy, laugh, cry or feel sad. Here at The Merge Journal we hope to give the mother who writes her birth story a sense of empowerment. A time for reflection. We respect all the different types of individual birthing stories. 

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