What I’ve packed in my Hospital Bag; Pretty vs Practical

Pregnancy & Birth

by Deanna

Let’s face it. Nobody really wants to see the practical side of what you pack in a hospital bag, but even third time around I have still found myself checking online, to see if I have everything I think I might need. This is the key word: think. Some people think packing certain things is ridiculous, while others couldn’t leave the house without their tinted moisturiser. It’s SUCH a personal thing, but for general purposes, it’s great to see what other expectant mamas pack in theirs – as a guide, and a reminder (considering before reading some lists this time around, I had forgotten maternity pads eeeek).

So here’s my list of what I pack in my hospital bag, when prepping for a stay in hospital, post giving birth. It’s about the only thing we can ‘prep’ for mamas, so take control of that hospital bag, and it will be one thing ticked off your list in a very emotional and tiring time.

I have purposely broken this list up into ‘Practical’ (necessities) and ‘Pretty’ (the fun goo goo gaa gaa baby stuff).


  1. Maternity Pads; for obvious reasons, we don’t need to delve any further into this situation. My faves are TOM Organic.
  2. Nipple Pads; I’m a leaker. There I said it. I’m so envious of mamas who can breastfeed their babes without pressing tightly against the other nipple for fear of leakage. Not me, unfortunately i’m not one of those. Nipple pads are my saviour. Make sure you buy good quality ones though, those cheap ones are cheap for a reason. You’ll confirm this when one sticks to your nipple. Ow.
  3. Nipple Balm; While discussing things being ‘stuck’ to your nipple, there is one thing that will be permanently there; a little newborn babe. If this is your first time as a mama, the amount of changes and possible damage your nipples can go through with breastfeeding might shock you. Protect them the best you can with a safe-for-baby nipple balm. Tiny Tonics do a beautiful natural balm.
  4. Newborn Nappies; again, for obvious reasons.
  5. Baby wipes; choose unscented and organic if you can. That newborn skin is oh so delicate, and the first few ‘meconium’ nappy changes can require some decent wiping.
  6. Burp Cloth; usually the first few feeds of colostrum are so little they’ll hardly bring anything up, but it’s always handy to have one just in case.
  7. Underwear & Feeding Bras; big comfy cheap undies will do just fine, but spend up on feeding bras. A good one can turn into a love affair.
  8. Pyjamas & Comfy clothes; pretty much everyone is in their PJ’s, why not be comfortable? You’ve just given birth! But I also like to have some comfy clothes to be in when visitors are coming to the hospital, and of course to wear home in the car.
  9. Toiletries; such a personal item again, but as a sidenote; hospitals do have the basics like body wash and throw away washers. What they don’t have is your much needed skincare, and concealer for those post birth family photos.
  10. iPhone charger; the last thing you want is to be super excited to call all of your family and friends, to let them know of babe’s safe arrival, and find that after 12 hours of labour, your phone has run out of battery!

The Merge JournalPretty

  1. Baby outfits; I take three max. Family can bring in more if you need them, but if you’re like me, and out of the hospital within 24 hours, you won’t need anymore than that.
  2. Beanie; to keep their sweet little heads warm.
  3. Muslin; to wrap up babe. The hospital provides baby blankets, but can I be honest? I REALLY don’t like them. They have silly animated pictures all over them, and are usually about 20 years old. I want to wrap my baby up in a sweet brand new little muslin which is personally just for him / her, that I can also use as a breastfeeding cover.
  4. Dummy; in case. I don’t usually use a dummy right away, but I like to have one at the hospital in case baby is a bit on the noisy side, (as they can be haha) and if it can help some other mamas get some quiet time, i’m all for it.
  5. Carrier; to carry baby safely out to the car in. My absolute all time faves are Elki Baby Wraps.

There you have it. That’s it. My super simple list, that all fits into one soft carry bag, readily packed near the front door. Think I’ve missed something? Please do share in comments, i’d love to know!

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