by Emmy

Oh I love me some cute wooden beaded necklaces, bracelets and anklets with tassels. I also love seeing those adorable photos of mama and babes (always with a cup of tea) laying in bed with matching tie-dye socks! It’s one of my IG bucket list photos to get with Isla; (though I have to be honest I’ve always wondered how do mamas take that photo and how do they not spill the tea?)

Squirrel House is an Australian Jewellery and Clothing label that is the perfect boho inspired line for all those little free spirit babes in your life. Vegan Hand Dyed Threads and Handmade Jewellery made lovingly by Melbourne based mama Sarah. I adore the way whenever I pop an anklet on my darling Isla it makes her natural free spirit shine. Love me a bit of hippy!

Today I am catching up with Sarah for a virtual chai and chat about all things #mumboss and motherhood.

Who is the mama behind Squirrel House? Can you share with us a little part of who you are?

Hi I’m Sarah, a 28 year old Mum of one. I’m a total health freak and get anxiety if my girl hasn’t had one of her nutritious little smoothies I make her every day. I love clean eating and going to the gym  (finally got back into it recently) after not feeling so much like a zombie anymore. I’m about to make my first batch of kombucha this week so that’s exciting for me.

What inspired you to start Squirrel House? 

I’ve always had such a love for tie dye, the kind with an earthy twist. I decided to dabble into the scene and create some pieces for my baby girl. I had endless comments from friends insisting that I should do a market and then I did. With the jewellery (which came along not long after), I couldn’t find anything beautiful and unique for Mia. So one day I felt extra creative and decided to make something for her. It snowballed from there.

Favourite item from your range?

My favourite item is the adjustable skull necklace for sure. I love the alternative look. I love seeing girls and boys dressed in outfits that aren’t gender specific.

Life/work balance? How do you do it all?

Argh that’s a hard one! I have to admit it is extremely difficult to get everything done with my 21 month old who insists on being in a 1 metre radius of myself all day long. My nights are full of working usually on my phone and my hubby asking me if I’m done yet. Bless him.

Favourite accounts to stalk on Instagram?

Anyone living simply and I love me some good home schooling accounts. @bethawells I’m crushing on atm.

Top piece of advice for other mama’s wanting to start their own business? 

Do your research, wipe off the avocado from your hair, get yourself out there and most importantly do something that you enjoy.

Biggest lesson / learning since starting Squirrel House?

Well I think the fact that I can actually do it. I doubted myself so much. I never thought that I could do it and be as busy as I am now.  I still can’t believe it really. Every time I see a customer post a picture on Instagram and tag me, it honestly brings me so much joy. Mind blowing.

Favourite meal to cook your family?   

It is what is healthiest, easiest and what Mia will eat. She’s not very fussy though so I’m lucky there.  My go to is really simple. We are obsessed with these organic beetroot beef burgers from Terra Madre. I make these with any kind of salad. Usually something along the lines of Quinoa, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, cranberries, slithered almonds or pistachios. I’m obsessed with green food.

Funniest-laugh-out-loud-moment since becoming a mama?

When I was sitting on the couch with Mia on my lap a few weeks ago. She was looking at me super innocently when she then decided to slap me right across the face. I tried to hold it in but I couldn’t – I sat there and laughed out loud. Mia looking confused, and then she did it again. And I laughed out loud again. Couldn’t help myself!

Dream holiday destination?

Um I think that Italy is looking pretty darn good at the moment. But geez I would have food in my mouth non stop, that could be a total disaster.

So, what’s next for Squirrel House?
Short term goal for now is to find some more stockists who would like to wholesale my jewellery. Long term, the dream is to see my brand in stores all through Australia and of course internationally.

Want to win a piece of Squirrel House Jewellery for your little babe? Then head over to our Instagram profile @themergejournal and follow us. All the details to come in the next few days.

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