Sun safety is no joke people


by Emmy

“Put your hat on!” This must be the most used phrase I say when we are at the beach. I feel like a robot constantly alternating between “Oliver put your hat on” and “Isla put your hat on”.Repeat times a thousand.

It’s like “kids we live in Queensland, the sun is harsh, you’re both strawberry blondes, your skin burns and did I mention we live in Queensland which has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world?” According to Cancer Council, in Queensland the average is two out of three Australians will be diagnosed with some form of skin cancer before the age of 70. This is serious and preventable.

If you’re like me (child of the 90’s) along with  walkmans, Dawson’s Creek and renting videos from the video store … you grew up with the ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ sun safety campaign. And just like lots of things from the 90’s its still relevant today!

I was so excited to try Rashoodz UPF50+ sun shirts for my two strawberry babes. Rashoodz is an Australian owned and designed swimwear label for babies, toddlers and children. My points to rave about are:

  • Bright colours – no way am I going to lose my two babes at the beach. The colours are bright, happy and most importantly they stand out! I also adore that Ollie’s and Isla’s Rashoodz kind of match (love me some sibling matchy matchy).
  • Hats / Hoodz – the major point of difference between Rashoodz and other sun shirts is that they have these patent designed attachable hats aka hoodz. These attach with clips to the back of the sun shirt. This is awesome for a few reasons. But I love that they can’t blow off, blow away, get lost and most importantly protect my little babes ears and necks from the harsh reality of the Queensland sun. Also because they are “hoodz” Oliver thinks it’s cool to pop his hood on so it’s a win-win!
  • Nappy changes / toilet – are made OH SO EASY with the clips at the bottom of the swimsuit. Have you ever tried to take off wet swimmers to change a nappy explosion? Well if you haven’t – save yourself the complete angst and make life easy.
  • Australian owned and deigned by mamas! Love me a great #mumssupportingmums opportunity.
  • Rashoodz are also proud to be a Chemical Free Community Member. Which basically means they support chemical free products and believe in keeping harmful chemicals away from children

So hats off (or rather hoodz on) to Rashoodz; my tribe gives you a whole lot of thumbs up.

P.S. These are my own personal opinions and experiences. We also always re-apply sunscreen and usually hit the beach early 7am – 9am and then again after 3pm avoiding the sun when the UV rays are the highest.

Bring on beach days!

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