Self care what?


by Emmy

Everything in the room was styled to perfection. Hanging foliage from the ceiling. Candles and flowers on the low table; which was surrounded by the softest sheep-skin mats and crisp white walls (I’m a sucker for white walls). It was literally like I had walked into a pinterest board. I was in love.

This was my first experience of Gather & Nurture’s first seasonal ‘A Winters Eve’ workshop.

But what shook me to my core and knocked me for six was when I sat around the table with twenty something other women, (mostly other mothers) and listened as each of them shared what they do for self-care. I was towards the end of the sharing and I could feel my anxiety creeping up into my chest. Self-care what? What was self-care? What did I do? Somedays I don’t even get to cleanse my face, shower or use the toilet on my own. Exercise what the heck is that and meditation,  how/when was all I was thinking. To be honest I actually nearly didn’t even come to this Winter workshop; that is how little I value self-care.

Rewind a few hours to the afternoon of ‘A Winters Eve’;  I was curled up on my bed in Brisbane telling my hubby ‘I have nothing to wear’ and ‘There is no time’ (we were in the process of selling our house) and ‘How will the kids survive without me for the night?’ Thankfully he encouraged me (ever so sweetly) to make the trip up the coast, spend the night with other mothers and have some time to myself.

So off I drove; very slowly I might add up to the Sunshine Coast to attend ‘A Winters Eve’.

Whilst I was preparing to share my ‘self-care’ (or lack of it as it would be); I was completely inspired by all the other mothers. Some just walked, some did yoga, some went to the beach, some just read or had a cup of tea and others meditated. So when it came to my time to share, I sheepishly said I literally do nothing for self care; to the point that I nearly didn’t attend this workshop tonight. What a relief to share. And what a realisation that something had to change.

Next we listened to Natalie Truseler talk on mindfulness, meditation and the importance of creativity in our daily life. It was mind-blowing. I was so calm. I felt so ready to make a change. So inspired. Then we all sat around creating flower crowns. There was an other worldy-village-mentality. The strength of mothers and motherhood is incredible.

One of the mothers said “how can I expect to take care of my children if I don’t take care of myself?” Although I have heard this expression before, on this winters eve it really resonated deep and was the catalyst for change.

Since attending ‘A Winters Eve’ I have started to meditate, not every day but a few times a week. I have started swimming again and I have started to place importance on self care. I think the most important thing I realised is that everyone has a different version of self care and there is no right or wrong; but there needs to be time for me.

Thank you to Sarah & Katie from Gather & Nurture for hosting such a beautiful event.

Gather & Nurture hold seasonal inspired workshops on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Their next workshop ‘A Spring Workshop’ has the focus of Living Mindfully: Creating with Intention is being held on the 12th October in Brisbane with guest speaker Steph from @thisbrownwren. Then on 19th October at the Sunshine Coast The Alchemy of Spring (a mama workshop) with special guest Melissa Ambrosini. They also sell beautiful gathering baskets and other mindfully sources goods. For more information please head to their Instagram page @gather_and_nurture.

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One thought on “Self care what?

  1. You captured this evening so perfectly!! It was very special, wasn’t it – to be with women in such a nourishing and pretty space and to soak up some fresh wisdom. I love that you’ve made positive changes to your days and your health as a result! I’m in the midst of a crazy work project – with sick kids and baby to keep things interesting – so I’m desperate to get back on track with positive anything! Loved reading this. Hope to see you on 12 October at the next gather & nurture workshop. Steph has so much goodness to share too X


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