Isla hearts ergoPouch


by Emmy

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I do love to sleep stalk my two babes. Whilst Oliver doesn’t always day sleep these days, I can rely on Isla to give me my daily sleep stalk fix.

One thing I have noticed since becoming a mama is that there are so many other mamas who love to sleep stalk (can we form our society yet?). And I’ve also noticed the amount of STUFF that we accumulate. Cots, prams, highchairs, toys, clothes blah blah blah. Seriously the list of STUFF us mamas carry around and have in our homes is a bit crazy! There are so many ‘must have products’ and we almost always have to update our belongings as our children grow. And let’s be honest, these little people of ours grow WAY too quickly!

I get a bit overwhelmed with all of this ‘stuff’. It clouds my mind. So I’m trying to become more savvy in my approach these days. I look for products that will grow with my babes and can be shared between them. Things which have more than one use, can be reused and have less impact on the environment. I’ve also been moving more and more into choosing sustainable fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton where possible. So I was very excited to trial a sleep bag and fitted bamboo sheet from ergoPouch. All of ergoPouch products are made from skin-friendly natural fibres including Merino, Bamboo and Organic Cotton. Isla trialed the bamboo stretch sheets and the sheet sleep bag and whilst she hasn’t formed the words (except “mama”, “more”, “banana” and “wow”) to give her own review; I thought I could share a few things as a mama I have loved.

I think the design of the ergoPouch products are really innovative. I love that they have been designed in a way that grows with your baby. Isla has been using the Spring/Autumn 1.0 tog Sleep Bag in the size 12months – 36months. That is 2 years of usage! And whilst it won’t be suitable over the hot Queensland summer – before we know it, Autumn will be here and I’ll be able to use the same bag. Having a product that will last more than one season/one year for me is a huge positive. Not only is it cost effective, but it is also more sustainable and means my babe can use this product for a longer duration.

The sleep bag is made with organic cotton and lined with bamboo. The 400+ thread count sheeting does feel more like a ‘sheet’ than a doona, but is slightly heavier than other sleep bags that we have used in the past. However the fabric is so soft and I love the stretchy sides which allows Isla to move and shake in her sleep. The sleep bag is also lined with breathable bamboo. Isla has happily slept through the night in her ergoPouch sleep bag. And I am seriously crushing on the hot Pink Cherry print. So cute!

The stretch bamboo sheet is actually even more genius! Not only is the colour my absolute favourite (love me some mint) it is also gender neutral; meaning both Oliver and Isla can share it between their cots. Made from bamboo, which is so soft, lightweight, sustainable and breathable. The best part is the sheet is stretchy and designed to transition from any cot to single bed!

For your chance to win an ergoPouch fitted stretch sheet in your choice of colour (mint, pink, grey and natural) check out our Instagram page @themergejournal.

ergoPouch is an Australian owned company which is renowned for creating high quality swaddles, sheets, sleep bags and sleep suits. It is IMPORTANT to follow safe sleeping guidelines and carefully read all the instructions included in your packaging.

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