Nut Mylk for lazy folk


by Liz

I love love love a creamy cup of chai with loads of honey on a chilly winters day, but we’re trying to avoid unfermented dairy in our house at the moment, for a few reasons, so nut mylk is where it’s at!

I’m kind of lazy and find making almond mylk to be such a chore, but I do prefer to make my own nut mylks because that way I know that I’m using my own fluoride free filtered water, there’s no added sweeteners or oils and there’s only two ingredients – water and nuts! When making my own almond mylk I find having to strain out the pulp to be time consuming and then I’m left with the pulp which I can never bring myself to throw away, so I usually dehydrate it to use as almond meal for cooking later on. That’s just too many steps for me! We go through a bottle of nut mylk every couple of days and I don’t want to be doing all of that every two or three days!

So, my lazy nut mylk solution … Cashew mylk! Cashews make the most delicious creamy mylk and best of all – you don’t need to strain out the pulp! It’s so easy!

To make your own cashew mylk all you need to do is soak half a cup of raw cashews overnight (or for at least 3 hours) in filtered water. Then strain off the water, give the soaked cashews a rinse and add them to a high speed blender along with 3-4 cups of filtered water (depending on your desired creaminess). Blend on high for one minute or until your mylk is smooth and creamy, bottle and refrigerate and you’re done! No straining and no left over pulp! Hoorah.

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2 thoughts on “Nut Mylk for lazy folk

  1. Really excited to make this. It sounds delicious. How long does it usually last before it goes off? It’s just my partner and I, and I don’t know how quickly we’d go through it. We only really have “milk” in porridge and protein shakes. 🙂


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