Mumma’s Little Helpers


by Emmy

I’ve got messy eaters. Like food-is-EVERYWHERE-messy. My parents and in-laws are always giving me disapproving looks when they watch my babes eat.  ‘Why don’t you spoon feed; it will be much easier and cleaner?’ That is one of those ‘handy’ aka so freaking annoying pieces of advice I have heard at nearly every family get-together since having children.

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) isn’t something I actively choose to do as a mama. I certainly hadn’t decided when I was starting solids that I would be doing BLW. When Oliver was ready for solids I was all about the purees; until I got over having to hand blend everything. Maybe I am actually a bit lazy, but I like to think of myself as always searching for a more efficient way to use my time. So to make life easier, I just started feeding Oliver what we were eating.

Second time around I had a thermomix, so um hello purees are the easiest thing ever to make.  But again I went for the convenience; one meal all four of us ate.   Also I learnt very quickly that Isla is in fact a very independent lady and if her brother was feeding himself, so was she. And so we organically went down the ‘let-the-babes-feed-themselves’ path.

I always find it interesting when other mothers would ask me if I was spoon-feeding or ‘doing’ BLW? I just feed them. I don’t label it. Sometimes we use a spoon, sometimes we use our fingers. We just kind of make it work. I think for me as a mother, ‘making it work’ is kind of my mantra. Making it up and making it work. So most of the time it is just the same one meal for all of us.

But the mess. Ahh the mess. It certainly is a lot messier letting the little ones in your life take control over their own eating.

So you can only imagine how excited I was to trial ‘Mumma’s Little Helpers’ or aka the crumb catcher as my hubby calls them. Basically it is a waterproof highchair ‘skirt’, which you attach to your highchair and it catches all those little crumbs and bits of food, which are dropped and/or thrown off the highchair.

Our place is a bit manic at the moment (we’re in the process of selling), so there is stuff in boxes everywhere and I actually lost the instructions for my Mumma’s Little Helpers. So…I will be honest and say it did take a few minutes (and mild level swearing) to work out how to attach it to our oh-so-fancy IKEA highchair. But once in place it was super easy and actually did catch all of those crumbs from my top-of-the-table-manners-class darling daughter.

After she had finished eating, I simply pushed all the crumbs and leftover food into the Mumma’s Little Helpers, and then wiped it down with some disinfectant wipes.  As we say in our house easy peasie lemon squeezie.

Perfect for a unique baby shower present or just to make your already busy #mumlife that little bit easier. I give it two Emmy thumbs up.

Mumma’s Little Helpers are available here:

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