Tour: Zaeli’s Room


by Candice

Zaeli’s enchanting bohemian style nursery is sure to leave you feeling mesmerised and inspired – her room is filled with creative, vintage and one of a kind handmade keepsake items. Her mama Dimity has a keen eye for the natural earthy elements and has really brought them to life in this charming space. Dimity herself oozes talent and I’ve often found myself gasping at her beautiful creations that are present throughout Zaeli’s room. We’ve been lucky enough to take a closer glimpse, to find out the inspiration behind it all and how it came to be.


Zaeli’s room was originally inspired by her name, which is derived from a flower (as is my name ‘Dimity’). So the ‘wild flower’ theme was where I started. There are lots of flower elements from pressed flower artworks, dried hanging flowers and wild flower artworks. The first item I bought for Zaeli’s room was a white lace teepee. This teepee set the theme of Zaeli’s ‘boho/native’ inspired bedroom. For my baby shower I hand-made teepee invitations, so the teepee was a strong motif from very early on. I wanted Zaeli’s room to be soft, neutral, earthy with a boho vibe. Zaeli’s room has beautiful period features such as the floorboards, picture rail and cornices, so also wanted to stay true to this style and highlight all of these details. Besides the cot, I have not bought anything from a ‘baby store’. I made a conscious decision to buy timeless handmade items that Zaeli can grow up with. Zaeli is always at peace in her room, she will play in the space for hours … I often find her sitting on her little vintage wicker chair reading a book that she chose off the bookshelf. I am extremely lucky that Zaeli is very much like I was as a child and has very gentle hands. I have never had to ‘baby proof’ anything in her room, I think because she has always grown up around special little trinkets she understands how to treat them. The next stage for Zaeli’s room will be when she transitions to a big girl bed … my mind is already racing with ideas!


My style is a mix of bohemian, natural and vintage elements. The space is soft and calming with lots of whites, lace, crochet/macramé, natural textures, dream-catchers, teepees, vintage deers, shell chandeliers, wild flowers, feathers and crystals. The colours in the room are based on earthy natural tones with the addition of dusty pink, dusty grey and a touch of gold. Every element in Zaeli’s room has been thoughtfully picked or handmade by myself with love. A lot of the items in Zaeli’s nursery are from my childhood or vintage finds. I wanted our little girl to be surrounded with natural colours and textures that I have always been in love with. Nothing is too bold or over-stimulating … but there are lots of tiny interesting elements to discover through imaginative play for years to come.

Treasured items

Zaeli’s bedroom is my favourite room in our house. It is full of all of my treasured trinkets that I have collected throughout my life and so many gorgeous handmade items.

My favourite items are:

  • The custom illustration of Zaeli as a baby surrounded by wildflowers which was hand drawn by my talented friend Shannon Heath @shh_studio
  • Vintage shell chandelier which we had hanging above us at our wedding ceremony
  • Dried flower crown by @mivioleta which I wore for my maternity photo shoot
  • Pressed flower artwork that I handmade for Zaeli
  • Custom fawn doll by @giddyupgertrude that was given to Zaeli for her first birthday

Zaeli’s favourite items:

  • Vintage music box that my best friend gave me – it is always the first item Zaeli grabs off her shelf to play with
  • Deer mobile custom made by @kimbaise every night before bed Zaeli has to touch every element of the mobile and say goodnight to it
  • Crystals – Zaeli loves picking up the crystals off the shelf and holding them in her hands. We cleanse the crystals every month and I feel like they are a strong force that brings peace and balance into her room


@kidostore is where I bought the big items like the Ouef cot and Armadillo rug. I also love @urbanoutfitters for trinkets and soft furnishings. I love looking through antique stores and trawling through etsy/instagram pages for one off handmade items. I love supporting small businesses and have a real passion for ‘hand-made and craftsmanship’. Zaeli’s bedroom is actually a tiny space yet I have managed to fit gorgeous pieces from all the small businesses listed below… nb: @ is Instagram name. To link to the business website, click on name below.


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