Mama Crush: Bethany Marsh

TMJ Loves

by Deanna

I have had a huge mama crush on Bethany for quite some time now. I think I started following her on Instagram when I was pregnant with my second. She is a beautiful, boho hearted mama to Willow and Jagger, and one of my favourite things about her is how truly honest she is, but sweet-natured too. You may know her on Instagram as blossomandboheme, but I know her as that awesome Brisbane mama, who has a really cool wardrobe and two incredibly cute little babes.

Let’s start things easy, and simple … 

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Peanut Butter on toast – I have it every morning with Willow!

Most enjoyed Winter and Summer beverages?
Winter – soy latte, rapsberry leaf tea or an earl/lady grey tea.
Summer – Orange juice! Can’t cope if it’s not in my fridge at all times! And I’m a huge lover of a cheeky cocktail.

What three things do you take to your desert island (unfortunately George Clooney isn’t available)?
My family (sneaky 3 in 1 there), a boat and a bikini.

Describe your style …
Most of the time boho, but it depends on my mood.

Holiday destination of choice?
Honolulu! Waikiki beach holds such fond memories for me. I can’t wait to take the kids there.

Ok, let’s step it up a little …

How do you chill out?
BATHS. My favourite thing to do when I have a few hours to chill.

Something you can’t live without?
My husband and kids.

You have a dinner party and can invite three people dead or alive, who’s attending? …and what signature dish do you cook for them? More importantly, does it involve dessert?
ALWAYS involves dessert! My three guests would be Elvis so he could serenade us all, Barack Obama so I could get him drunk and find out all of the juicy government secrets (Aliens y’all!) and Gigi Hadid cause we would totally be great mates. I’m a USELESS cook so I’d be cheeky and order a feast from Pepe’s (amazing mexican restaurant in Brisbane) and pretend I cooked it. Dessert would be creme brulee!

What is your favourite thing about Motherhood?
How much love you feel and give every single day.

When you jump on Instagram, which accounts do you look at no matter what?
Yoli + Otis, Jetsetmama, earthyandy, captainandthegypsykid and spellbyronbay. All major inspirations for me!

Are you afraid of anything? (we promise we won’t use this against you. Maybe)
Clowns, bugs and death.

Favourite childhood memory?
I grew up in Darwin and every few years we would do a big road trip down to Brisbane for a holiday and still to this day it’s one of my favourite experiences. I love looking back at photos of the outback motels we would stay in on the way. Australia is such a beautiful country.

What are your non-negotiable health and beauty routines?
ALWAYS use both a makeup remover AND a cleanser and eyelash curlers are a must.

Oh, these are too easy? Ok … let’s get personal.

What does self care mean to you?
Recharging. Motherhood can be extremely draining at times and I am a natural stresser so taking time out to chill and find my peace again is essential to not bubbling over the edge.

Leap into the future – describe to us how it looks …
We will finally have our own home with a beautiful big veggie patch and Willow and Jagger will still be total besties building forts in the lounge room and making mud pies in the back yard. I’ll hopefully still be blogging but on a larger scale and Kieran will have kicked major goals with his landscaping business. We will visit the beach as often as possible and hopefully take the kids overseas to experience other cultures and create special memories.

Inspiration; what makes you go chick chick boom?
I’m really into interiors! The things I would do if I had an endless bank account. I’m constantly thinking of new ways to furnish or decorate and get way too excited when I visit shops or restaurants that are so on point with their aesthetic.

What makes you wet-your-pants happy?
Seeing my kids laugh.

Do you live by a life motto? If so, do share …
I haven’t got a specific line, but if i did it would probably be along the lines of ‘happiness first’.

Tell us something about yourself that we’d be surprised to hear …
I’m very shy in person, but mostly if I don’t know people well. My friends are my comfort zone and I find if I don’t know you well I turn into this ball of awkwardness which, thankfully, passes once the ice is broken and conversation is flowing. I usually let everyone else do the talking though!

and finally …

What’s next for you?
I will be launching my new blog ‘’ in the next few months with heaps of exciting content. It’s fashion and lifestyle based, aimed at mamas and their minis, but the content will be done in a way that anyone – mother or not – can take a piece.

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