by Candice

My skin has always taken a backseat when it comes to self care and maintenance – I go through phases where I’m determined to keep up with a beauty regime in hopes of achieving flawless, glowing skin (don’t we all?!), my motivation or lack thereof tends to last somewhere around the one week mark before I give up hope and admit defeat. As I begin to creep closer to my thirties, I’ve started to take notice on how my skin is ageing – the fine lines and wrinkles have well and truly set in and taken up camp underneath my eyes and on top of the forehead, I know they’re not going anywhere unless I do something about it and now is the time to start before it’s too late and I seriously reconsider my stance on Botox.

My skin is also prone to breakouts, bumpy texture and during those winter months, like most, my skin becomes dry, flaky and highly unflattering – not even a thick coat of makeup can hide what lays beneath, actually it makes it look worse!

I adore everything health and beauty and often find myself reading up on the latest trends and reviews on the best au naturel products in hopes of one day owning such luxury. Quite frequently, on my investigative ‘research’ I would come across beauty oils, their benefits and how they work miracles for your skin. Not owning a beauty oil myself and having it on my long list of must haves, I was thrilled to receive the Skinmade Bright Skin Oil – I had already heard a raving review from a friend and couldn’t wait to try it myself.

First, some background on Skinmade – their products are made from nourishing, all natural and organic ingredients that have been locally sourced (where possible) and Australian made. The ingredients are so pure you can be rest assured that you won’t be absorbing any nasty toxins or chemicals through the skin, which makes these products suitable for the entire family.

The bright skin oil has been carefully blended with Pomelo to nourish and brighten the skin and fight signs of ageing. These beautifying oils are said to make your skin supple and soft, young and beautiful.

My experience – I started using the Bright Skin Oil at night after cleansing and toning, one small pump is more than enough to supply the entire face and neck area. Within minutes my skin drinks it up yet it still leaves a subtle sheen to the face, which I love, I’m all about that glow! By morning, my skin feels soft and the biggest noticeable difference I’ve found is that it seems to minimise my pores, giving my skin that blurred effect. After a week of use, my breakouts and bumpy texture started to clear and my skin was looking and feeling moisturised, minus those winter flaky bits. Some mornings – the days I plan on not wearing any makeup, I will add a small amount of the oil to my daily moisturiser to give my face luminosity and that healthy lit from within glow. All in all I’m sold on this wonderful product and will continue to use and repurchase once I have run out. Really for $20, you can’t beat it!

Another great product I was able to trial was their Rose Hip and Cucumber Serum. Ugh, it’s love! The smell is heavenly, I can’t get enough. This serum feels deeply moisturising, lightweight once absorbed and is great to use as a base underneath makeup. I can’t wait to purchase a full size of this serum as a replacement for my current moisturiser once it has run out. I’m converted!

Other ranges in the Skinmade family include; hair, kids & baby, body, massage and essential oils.

You can check out all their other amazing products here –

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