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7 Ways to Re-use Your Mama Maya Wrap

by Emmy

Us TMJ Mamas are having a major crush on founder Robyn and her beautiful Mama Maya Wraps. Not only is the design minimalistic and stylish; these wraps are also organic, fair-trade AND for every single wrap purchased, Mama Maya works with Birthing Kit Foundation Australia; providing a safe birth for a mother in a developing country.

My youngest babe is currently out of ‘swaddles’ for sleeping, but I love that there are so many different uses and ways to continue to use my Mama Maya wrap. Here are some of my favourite uses:

  • Scarf – oh so stylish, soft and lightweight. Perfect for QLD ‘winters’.
  • Picnic Rug – I am a massive fan of packing up lunch, getting some sunshine and eating outside. Even if it is in winter. I love the size of these wraps; big enough for my tribe and I to use as a picnic blanket and lightweight enough that I can just pop it in my handbag.
  • Towel – if you’re anything like me and are constantly in a rush en route to swimming lessons, you may also then forget your towel. Enter Mama Maya wrap! Just use it to dry off your babes and you’ll have all of the other mothers wondering where you got your stylish lightweight ‘towel’ from.
  • Sheet – heading into spring, when blankets are a bit too heavy, perfect to use as a top sheet for your babe. Or if you are like me with a smaller cot, you can actually use it as a bottom sheet all year round and tuck into the mattress.
  • Change Table Mat – update your change table mattress with this beautiful wrap. Since having Isla we have moved our change table into our family room, so both babes have easy access. It is so nice to have a modern print on display in our family room. Just makes the boring ‘yes my children are still both wearing nappies’ changing table a bit more pretty.
  • Cubby House – over the high chair and boom, who needs a teepee when you can have an ‘oh so stylish’ Mama Maya cubby house. Perfect for hiding from your siblings.
  • Oh and finally if you truly miss having a newborn and you feel like your babes are growing up way to fast; just pop your toddler in a nappy and give him the wrap for nostalgia. It really works.

Check out our recent interview with Robyn, the creative genius behind Mama Maya here.

Don’t forget we have teamed up with Mama Maya to giveaway a wrap to one lucky mama / mama to be. Competition closes today, head over to our Instagram profile for all the details.

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