Interview with Kimberley from Eco Child


by Emmy

Brown paper packages tied up with string; these are a few of my favourite things. Long before wrapping presents in brown kraft paper and twine was on trend, my love affair with the simple things probably did start as a child; singing along with Maria and the Von Trapp Family singers. A few of my other favourite things are all things eco and although slightly biased … my children. Put the two of them together and voila – Eco Child.

I first came across Eco Child when my now nearly three year old (where has the time gone – insert balling my eyes out emoji here) was a wee babe and he needed a dummy. You can read about why Oliver’s birth prompted me into wanting all things eco here; but basically I was on the hunt for natural rubber dummies. Enter Eco Child – the main Australian Wholesale distributor to Natursutten. For those of you who haven’t heard of Natursutten, they are an amazing sustainable and eco company who use 100% natural rubber to create dummies, and other products like bottles and teethers. You might have seen these ‘honey’ coloured dummies across your feeds on Instagram. I know when I first popped this round dummy into the mouth of my babe Isla – my ovaries went BOOM – it was nearly bigger than her little face.

I’ve tried both the natural round and the butterfly dummies, however Isla seemed to prefer the round dummy; I think she found it comforting the way it rubbed on her nose. She would actually turn the butterfly dummy around to mimic the rubbing action of the round one. So cute!

Kimberley Fisher is the owner, mama, head boss lady and eco warrior at Eco Child. Whilst I would have loved to have taken a road trip down to meet her, check out her flagship store, visit the beautiful town of Victor Harbour and stock up on all things Natursutten, I will have to settle for an online interview instead.

Kimberley you’re a beautiful mama and the owner of Eco Child. Can you share a little about yourself?

I’m a very lucky mum of two beautiful babes and together with my husband Adam we live in regional South Australia, about an hour out of Adelaide, on a property just out of the town of seaside Victor Harbor. We are just a typical family juggling a mix of work and family!

Eco Child started way back in 2006; that’s over ten years ago now! What was the motivation to starting your own business?

We went into business to pursue a dream but also a bit out of necessity. Like many big decisions, we were at a bit of crossroads in our lives and we saw an opportunity to create a “job” out of something we truly believe in; promoting and making it easier for parents to choose sustainable and eco-friendly options on their parenting journey. I’m thankful every day we had the courage to take that leap into business.

You and your hubby run Eco Child together, how is it working full-time with your other half?

Good question! We worked out pretty early that we both needed set roles to keep the harmony, and we split our times between the office, warehouse and shop so we’re not always in each other’s pockets! We have different strengths that compliment each other really well and keep things balanced. We work side by side each evening on our computers and we have been known to email each other to put the kettle on!

Eco Child specialises in eco brands.  Can you share with us why it is important for you to pick brands that are not only eco-friendly but also environmentally responsible?

I can’t ignore the facts, the statistics, the ingredient lists, the warnings, the data. It’s there in black and white. Natural products are the safer choice but also the wisest choice. We want future generations to experience the wonder of our natural world and quite frankly, if we don’t make the eco-friendly choices, we’re effectively denying them of that. Natural products are – generally speaking – sustainably produced products which are mostly ethically manufactured products. That’s what we want to support.

You and your hubby, Adam, used to live in Sydney before you moved to country South Australia. What was the main reason you decided to have a sea change?

We missed our extended family; we really subscribe to the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child” and we felt our children’s lives would be richer surrounded by their families. We are also country bumpkins at heart! Both being raised in rural areas, we wanted to offer the same freedoms of being a country-kid to our own family. And I’m obsessed with my veggies and chooks – not too much room for those where we lived in Sydney!

Do you find your life has ‘slowed down’ since moving to a smaller town?

Yes and no. A lovely question Emmy as I can reflect that whilst we no longer have long commutes in city traffic and less “corporate” lives, we’ve filled our lives now in the country to the brim of good stuff. Maintaining the property, growing our own food, weekend sport, joining committees and community groups, I guess we are busier than ever but we feel we have a very connected life here.

How important is running an environmentally sustainable company to you?

We work ridiculously hard and a crazy number of hours, and usually into the wee hours of the night when the babies are in bed. It can be really intense at times. We have to believe in what we’re doing or we just wouldn’t have the energy. We believe that being environmentally sustainable makes a difference and that’s what we’re all here for right? Leaving the place a little better.

Do you have three simple tips we can all use at home to live a more sustainable life?

  1. Make a weekly menu, go shopping with your list and stick to it. Learn how to use left-overs, preserve, ferment, store and freeze properly. Food wastage is so incredibly detrimental to our environment.
  2. I’m all for recycling and composting, but perhaps go a step further and just don’t buy it! Really think about buying quality over quantity. Vivienne Westwood nailed it what she said – Buy Less, Choose Well, Make it last.
  3. Ditch the chemicals – out of your cleaning cupboard, beauty cupboard, medicine cabinet. Nature can provide everything we need.

What is one thing you knew when you first became a mother?

I wish I had practiced the skill of being present. I didn’t know how important this would be as a mother. Knowing that just being in the moment and doing what that moment needed would have saved me lots of anxieties and stress! I was better with baby number two!

Balance. How do you find balance between running Eco Child and being a mama?

I guess the answer to this kind of follows on with the whole “being present” deal. I’ve had to learn that I can really only focus on doing one thing at a time if I want to do it well and with integrity. Whether that’s playing with the kids, cooking & cleaning, working etc, just be in that moment doing that stuff one step at a time. Adam is awesome and I simply couldn’t do this without his support, energy and commitment.

What is something you hope to pass down to your children?

To live with kindness. When I think of my Mum, she stood for kindness in all things. For her family, friends, strangers, animals, the environment – everything! I would like that to be my legacy too.

Funniest moment since becoming a mama?

Oh jeepers. Too many funny moments – but mostly those moments that I know will be funny someday but were just plain embarrassing at the time! Like the time I finished feeding my daughter and then completed my grocery shop with a breast pad stuck to my collar!

How do you spend a sunny afternoon?  

Drinking tea.

Coffee or Tea or Wine? Which one is your go to beverage and why?

Tea – I’m a sucker for herbal teas for everything – to focus, to relax for energy etc. I take my tea very seriously.

Finally, what is next for Eco Child?

We will continue to nurture Eco Child by maintaining our strict product selection criteria and offering only the best, and we’d love to see the beautiful Natursutten brand in every good baby store in Australia!

P.S. We are giving away one Natursutten pack to one new mama / mama to be. Head over to our Instagram and/or Facebook page for all the details.

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