Love to Dream: Arm Warmers


by Deanna

I’m going to be honest, at first I totally thought this was one of those ‘gimmicky’ things that sounded good, but would essentially never get used. Boy was I wrong. Here’s how things went down:

One night when we put Louie (our 12 month old) down to sleep, it was reasonably mild outside, so we had decided to put him in a short sleeve sleepsuit so he wouldn’t overheat. During the night the temperature rapidly dropped (very unusual in Qld), and when we went to check on him during one of his midnight cries, his little arms were cold to the touch. I had a light bulb moment, and remembered we had received the Love to Dream arm warmers a few weeks prior.

I quietly placed them over his arms, and he miraculously went straight to sleep – and didn’t stir one more time that night.

I can genuinely say, since that night, we’ve used the Love to Dream Arm Warmers on and off and have been so happy with them. Even my husband, who was skeptical at first – has voiced his approval multiple times since.

We’ve been using these, along with the thicker tog Love to Dream Sleep Bags for a few weeks now. In Queensland, it takes until at least May for the weather to well and truly cool down and now finally that it has, the Nuzzlin 2.5TOG Sleep Bag has been a dream. Louie’s favourite part is stroking the little motif on the front as he drifts off to sleep. I’ll often find him walking around the house nearing naptime, starting to grab at the front of his clothing – almost like a sleep cue that he’s getting tired. It’s the sweetest thing. My favourite part is the lightweight bamboo filling, which means even though it’s keeping him nice and warm at night, it’s not too heavy for his little body to do those cute little rollovers and bum-in-the-air sleep action that babes love to do.

The Nuzzlin 2.5TOG Sleep Bags are available in Pink with a penguin motif, Aqua with a cute little seal motif and Grey & White Stripe with a little whale motif.

The Merge JournalHere at The Merge Journal, we like to share the love of our favourite products with you, so we’re giving away 2 x Nuzzlin 2.5TOG Sleep Bags (winners can choose their preferred colour and size) and 2 x Love To Dream Arm Warmers (winners can choose their preferred size).

All you need to do is follow us on Instagram @themergejournal and follow @lovetodreamaustralia, tag two friends in our competition pic, and for an extra three entries you can repost our photo with the hashtag #tmjlovetodreamgiveaway.

Competition is open to Australian residents only. Closes Friday 3rd June at 9pm. Winner will be chosen at random. Good luck!

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