Mama Crush: Peta Stinson

TMJ Loves

by Emmy

This week’s mama crush is a huge inspiration to me. Peta Stinson is a mama of three and owner of Sapling Child; a clothing label for babes that specialises in 100% organic cotton. I think one of the things I love most about Peta is her passion for creating a clothing line for babes, which is not just organic, but is also made fair trade. Not only are Sapling Child fabrics 100% organic, they also use organic water based dyes in all of their collections. The new season’s Flight Collection also has some important design changes, such as double stitching – meaning more durability, allowing you to pass on your Sapling Child clothes from one generation to the next. I love me some sustainable & eco-conscious fashion, which is also designed to last a lifetime.

Sapling Child also has a GIVING BACK program were they work with an Orphanage in India. This year they will also be focusing on maternal and neo-natal health. Everyday I feel so incredibly blessed to have access to life’s essentials like health care for myself and my babes. I often bombarded with lots of sadness with what is happening around the world, but when I think about Peta and the positive way she is running her business, I am truly inspired. I loved getting to know the beautiful Peta Stinson and love her even more now knowing that we share the same favourite summer beverage!

Let’s start things easy, and simple … 

What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Sprouted bread with natural peanut butter and a banana.

Most enjoyed Winter and Summer beverages?
English Breakfast Tea, and Lemonade (not the fizzy kind, the squeezed lemon with sugar and ice kind).

What three things do you take to your desert island (unfortunately George Clooney isn’t available)?
My kids and husband (but if it’s only 3, I’d have to leave one of them at home).

Describe your style …

Holiday destination of choice?
A city that I haven’t been to, that I can walk and explore and stumble upon little cafes and galleries.

Ok, let’s step it up a little …

How do you chill out?
What’s that?

Something you can’t live without?
Fresh, cold watermelon.

You have a dinner party and can invite three people dead or alive, who’s attending? …and what signature dish do you cook for them? More importantly, does it involve dessert?
My family. If you mean outside my family…then it would have to be my 3 best friends. I wouldn’t cook, I’m so over cooking, I would have it catered. Dessert would be a definite…something chocolatey, and creamy.

What is your favourite thing about Motherhood?
The love between us.

When you jump on Instagram, which accounts do you look at no matter what?
I don’t actively look for accounts to catch up on. I catch up on accounts that automatically show up in my feed. When I have the time I like to make sure I’m up to date with what’s happening in a more general sense. Some accounts for pleasure and some for business.

Are you afraid of anything? (we promise we won’t use this against you. Maybe)

Favourite childhood memory?
Holding my parents hands and swinging between them (you know the classic 1, 2, 3 wheeeee).

What are your non-negotiable health and beauty routines?
Everything is negotiable.

Oh, these are too easy? Ok … let’s get personal.

What does self care mean to you?
Eating well, and exercising. Being healthy is important to my mental health and general well being.

Leap into the future – describe to us how it looks …
My husband and I are retired. We have HEAPS of grandkids for me to kiss, cuddle and spoil, and we travel to our favourite cities twice a year.

Inspiration; what makes you go chick chick boom?
Clever art.

What makes you wet-your-pants happy?
When my kids belly laugh.

Do you live by a life motto? If so, do share …
Breathe it all in, love it all out.

The Merge Journal

Tell us something about yourself that we’d be surprised to hear …
I’m fully addicted to shortbread. Seriously, if you’re reading this and you have shortbread? I’m coming over…

and finally …

What’s next for you?
Getting dinner ready.

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