BellaBaby Box: What’s in the box?


The Merge JournalUs TMJ mama’s have loved collaborating with BellaBaby Box this month to bring you a product package overflowing with eco and natural goodness. We wanted to share a little bit about our favourite products with you – our tribe …



It was of great importance to me when having my second wee babe to make sure the nappies and wipes I chose for her were free of harsh chemicals (chlorine, phthalates, fragrances, lotions, latex and heavy metals), gentle on her delicate skin and made of compostable ingredients that were safe for the environment. Many moons ago when I first became a mum I never put any thought into the products I used on my skin or that of my babies, but over the years I’ve become aware of the posing risks and dangers using such harsh chemicals can do to our health. This led me to source eco and natural products that were 100% safe and gave me peace of mind – and Eco Originals does just that.

When it came to nappies I searched high and low and tried them all, and by far my favourite that ticked all of those boxes were the Eco Originals for three main reasons; number one being that they are made from all natural plant based materials: wood pulps and corn starches, number two – they fit nice and snug and retain moisture really well without much of a sag factor (bonus!), and thirdly they are cost effective compared to many other eco brands I’ve tried.

I’m also a major fuss pot when it comes to baby wipes, some just don’t seem to do the job right and the scent can put me off. Eco original wipes on the other hand smell divine – they have a light pleasant scent derived from pure plant extracts (cucumber, green tea, grape-seed, chamomile and aloe vera) – these wipes hold their shape amazingly well and don’t dry out easily like most other wipes I’ve used.

After delving a little deeper to learn more about this great company I found out that they’re a small family run business, two parents who wanted to fill the void in the market and make a big difference, they gave up everything and put their all into making their dreams happen. When I purchase their products from now on I will think of them and how I’m supporting and helping grow their small business that’s trying to implement change – not only to the family’s who lovingly want the best for their children, but also for the world we live in.

Crazy As A Coconut Sachets

I’m sure everyone has heard the craze about coconut oil and it’s endless list of benefits and uses. I’m a total fan and use the magical oil on the daily. I couldn’t help but get a little excited when I found Crazy As A Coconut sachets in my May Eco BellaBaby Box – these beauties are filled with the finest, raw, organically grown, cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil; such a simple concept, yet very effective. They are the perfect size to stash in my nappy bag for when my darling babe has an emergency skin flare up, she tends to suffer occasionally from eczema and diaper rash, coconut oil has been my go to as it instantly calms her skin and has her smelling lush like a tropical holiday. It’s safe to say I’m a little crazy about Crazy As A Coconut sachets.


Tonic Australia Eco Sachets

I get major laundry smelling envy. And before you ask – yes, it’s a thing. Or if it’s not, I just made it a thing. I swear I can smell everyone’s beautifully laundered clothes and they smell a thousand times better than mine. And I’m constantly quizzing people about what they use. I’ve tried it all, but to no avail. I’ve doubled my laundry detergent use, and it still doesn’t seem to work. I’m certain it’s all in my head, because no one has actively told me my clothes smell bad, at least, not to my face. Eeeek, I’m getting off track. And I’m a super clean person, so I really don’t doubt that mine smell fine. So I was super excited to see these gorgeous Tonic Australia Eco sachets in the BellaBaby Box this month. I’ve popped them into my underwear drawer, and between my cosy winter knits, (which are always prone to a little mustiness – even if you wash them at the beginning of the season), and have been greeted with the loveliest scent upon opening my drawers.

Now I’m certain I won’t need to concern myself with the green eyed ‘laundry smelling monster’ ever again. These gorgeous little sachets smell divine, and contain lavender, rosemary & cloves (to help ward off those pesky inside insects too). Win Win.

Mixitt Hand Cream

How many times a day do you wash your hands? A bajillion? Or a gazillion? As parents, our hands are constantly in water – whether it’s after nappy changes, pre and post food prep, doing loads of laundry, or multiple baby baths a day. Water is our hands worst enemy, so keeping them moisturised is super important. I suffer from eczema – and being a beauty therapist, I am always on the lookout for new products to test out. A few years ago, I started venturing towards natural / eco-friendly / organic skincare wherever possible, and hand cream has been my big game changer. Even if I’ve suddenly found ‘the perfect one’, I’m still ears and eyes open for another one. I’m a creature of habit – but when it comes to beauty products I’m always willing to try new things.

I’ve never used Mixitt products before, but after using this mini hand cream for the last few days, I’m sold. This palm oil free-natural-vegan-cruelty free piece of heaven in a cute little container is divine. Best of all? It’s customisable! How cool is that? Via their online shop, you can choose two essential oils and one fragrance to add to the base of their cream. So if you want a nice little pick me up during the day you could go for a cool ‘fresh’ option of Bergamot and Pink Grapefruit, with a ‘Fresh Cucumber’ scent, and then ALSO choose a nice pre-bed night-time calm down option along the lines of: Ylang Ylang (relaxing and sweet), Lavender (calming), and add a fragrance of ‘Summer Coconut’, for a nice little evening relaxant. I am honestly in love with this product, and am adding it to my permanent must have list.


Whole Kids Organic Puffs

Sometimes my life is super organised; I’ve got my oat cookies baking in the oven and my healing chicken soup is ready on the table by 5:30pm. Other times there are literally baskets of clean and dirty washing in every room, the floor needs mopping and I don’t unpack the dishwasher; I just add to it and put in on another cycle. Lazy I know. But sometimes this is what I have found happens as a mama. I am not perfect. It is in these moments of imperfection that I need help. Help in the form of my husband coming home to help bath the kids or help by relying on someone else to make food for my babes – in case of an emergency. The in case of an emergency snack is a must; the my-toddler-is-screaming-in-the-shops-while-my baby-is-trying-to-latch-on-and-breastfeed–and -everyone-in-the-store-is-looking-but-no-one-is-helping kind of emergency. It is in these times I love Whole Kids Organic Rice & Corn Puffs. I love that they are in individual packs (hello no sibling fighting; one for you and one for you). I love that they are Australian Certified Organic. I love that they are honest and contain no nasty ingredients. I also love watching Isla try to grab the little puffs with her fingers; feeding her and simultaneously working on her hand eye co-ordination. My tribe has been snacking on Whole Kids snacks for the past year. Thumbs up from me.

Tiny Tonics Soothing Nipple Balm

It is no secret that I am a massive lover of Cassie and all things Tiny Tonics. I love her. I love Tiny Tonics. Her products are natural, Australian made, never tested on animals, free from all nasties; no phthalates, no parabens and no petrochemicals and all the packaging is BPA free. They contain nearly all organic ingredients and the Soothing Nipple Balm smells divine. Up until recently I wouldn’t have thought I would need a Soothing Nipple Balm. But unfortunately for me and my nipples, my darling Isla has decided that she will use those new toothy pegs of hers and bite. Bite really freaking hard too. I know this is probably a sign of my breastfeeding days coming to an end; however I am not ready to shut up the milk bar just yet. Enter my current superhero status product ‘Soothing Nipple Balm.’ With moisturising oils and infused with herbs that are both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, my nipples couldn’t be any more thankful! Bye-bye soreness and hello soothing amazingness! I also love that this product is 100% breastfeeding safe.

P.S. If you want to get to know Cassie, mama and boss lady at Tiny Tonics read our kick ass interview we did here.


MooGoo Soothing MSM cream

I first stumbled across MooGoo when I was having a terrible time with my eczema and was desperate for an all natural, super moisturizing range of skin care. I instantly fell in love with the brand – not only for their amazing products, but also for their ethics and the obvious pride and care they take in their company and development of products. I’ve been a huge fan for years now and this MSM Soothing cream is a fave because not only is it a beautiful thick moisturizer, but it is also an all natural anti ager! Gah, I hate the word “anti ager”, but let me get back to the point of this story … MSM is sulphur, which is necessary for collagen production, and we all know how important collagen is for keeping skin nice and firm! So, not only is my MooGoo Soothing MSM cream beautiful and soothing on my dry skin, it is also infused with sulphur, keeping me looking fresh as a daisy, hopefully for years to come!

Wotnot Baby Wipes

I made the switch to all natural beauty and personal hygiene products years ago when I found out that 26 seconds is all it takes for anything you put on your skin to be absorbed into the blood stream. That little piece of knowledge was a game changer for me and I ditched all of my toxic make-up, perfume, soaps and lotions right then and there! So when I fell pregnant it was only natural that anything that I was planning to use on my baby would need to be 100% natural and chemical free too. Enter Wotnot.

In the four years since my first daughter was born I’ve used a lot of Wotnot’s products and these wipes are still a regular feature in my nappy bag. They’re luxuriously thick and soft and are certainly no sacrifice on quality and efficiency compared to your usual big brand wipes. It goes without saying that anything being used on a baby’s most sensitive areas should be all natural and chemical free and when it comes to Wotnot – I never have to second guess any of their beautiful products.

To grab yourself any of the items listed above in their retail size check out these links:

32 Nappies $15.95

70 Wipes $6.75

20 x 10ml sachets $26.00

3PK $19.95

40ml $24.00

Whole Kids
4 x 30g $5.65

Tiny Tonics Soothing Nipple Balm
20g $12.50

75g $13.00

80 wipes $8.99

Did you see our babe Liz unveiling this months May BellaBaby Box? In case you missed it you can see her screen debut here. Don’t forget to enter our competition to win one year subscription to BellaBaby Box. Head over to our Instagram or Facebook profiles to enter. Open to Australian residents only and closes this Friday 27th May 2016.

Want a sneaky $10 OFF your first bellababy box? We’ve got your back: *This is a 3 month subscription offer.

Want to read more reviews? Click on the little ‘Plus’ sign at the bottom of this page, and check them out under ‘Reviews’.

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