The Merge Journal Hearts BellaBaby Box


by Emmy

Online shopping is my jam. In fact there was a time when my delivery guy knew me so well, I felt like he spent more time at my house than my husband did. Okay slight exaggeration, but he was there through all the stages of my pregnancy with Isla; each week as I grew bigger, new things would arrive – like cots, sheets, clothes. And then once Isla arrived, each week he came she would get a little bit bigger too.  It made me happy hearing the delivery truck arriving in our driveway and then seeing a little parcel with my name on it.  Most of the time these days the packages are for my babes, more specifically for Isla (she’s the real online shopping addict). So you can imagine my excitement when there is actually a parcel in there for me as well!

Introducing the bellababy box; a monthly subscription box for mamas and their babes. Here at The Merge Journal we collaborated with bellababy box to curate a collection of products with an eco focus and bundled them up in a bright yellow box. We all know that for those little toddlers and babies in the household there is nothing greater than a good quality box. Amiright? I know my two have been placing cars, blocks, and little trinkets inside the box for the last few days. Nothing greater than packaging that can be recycled and used for play!

I love sustainable products that are made with the environment in mind.  I also love products free from harsh chemicals and made using lots of natural ingredients. I think my real love of using eco products started after the birth of my first-born Oliver. Oliver was premature and for a 34 weeker, he was tiny – only 2.1kg and 41.5cm long! Or 41.5cm short! I felt like his skin; (except for the brief time he was jaundice and under lights) was almost translucent. It made me realize how delicate and sensitive he was and I sought to find products that wouldn’t harm or cause any irritation. I didn’t get to have the pregnancy or birth I wanted, in fact I felt like I had no control over anything in my pregnancy; so more than anything I wanted to have control over what happened once he was born. Enter my love and obsession with all things natural and eco.

So I am thrilled to have this little box of sample eco products for both my babes and me.  Want to see ‘what is in the box?’ Our beautiful Liz got to head into the bellababy box headquarters to check out what’s inside. Watch her screen debut here.

Us mamas at The Merge Journal are so proud to have helped curate a box for both mama and babe which is natural, eco and amazing! We will be sharing our review on what’s inside the box later this week. We hope you love the May bellababy box as much as we do.

Enjoy xx

P.S. Want to win a 12 month bellababy box?

We are running a competition on Instagram and Facebook where one lucky mama could win a 12 month subscription to bellababy box AND a 3 month subscription to bellababy box. Head over to Instagram @themergejournal OR Facebook The Merge Journal for all the details. Competition is open to Australian Residents only and the winner will be announced this Friday 27th  2016.

Want a sneaky $10 OFF your first bellababy box? We’ve got your back *This is a 3 month subscription offer.

Want to read more ‘Reviews’? Click on the little ‘Plus’ sign at the bottom of this page and check them out under ‘Categories’.

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