TMJ’s Mothers Day Picks


With Mother’s Day only a few sleeps away we’ve decided to bash out a list of our must haves. (Hint hint to our husbands!) Actually we would really just be happy with breakfast in bed … but if you feel like spoiling us here’s our go to, and it doesn’t even matter if it’s late. Worst case scenario, print out one of these pics and place it in a beautifully written card letting us know how much you love us, and what superhero mamas we are.

If you mamas like any of these ideas above, just leave this page casually open in front of the potential purchaser – they’ll get the idea.

1. Fix those sweet cravings with an ‘I love you mum’ pack from Pana Chocolate.

2. Treat your body to a little love with this Tiny Tonics Whoa Mama Gift pack.

3. Dig in and grow some fruit and vegetables using this sweet little ‘The Thoughtful Gardener’ hand trowel and fork set, from Until.

4. We spend so much time (and money) on clothes for the little ones in our life, it would be AWESOME to get a little something for us. A voucher from would do the trick.

5.  A gorgeous gift basket, full of lots of goodies from The Organic Basket Co.

6. These adorable matching mother daughter bracelets from Violet Gray Design (Pssst – their heart chakra necklace is also a must have!).

7. A perfectly curated bundle of happiness; filled with eco and sustainable products in a cute and reusable bag – ‘Mama Rocks’ Bundles by Project You + Me.

8. This divine Coconut and Lime soy based candle from Hazel Baby; because we all love to chill with a scented candle while having a bath. You know, once a year. But still.

9. Magazine Subscription – I mean it’s not like us mamas sit around reading magazines all day but we can dream about reading magazines or just read a few pages every once in a while. These are some of our current faves.

10. Give us that much needed glow, and five minutes to enjoy putting it on. Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Concentrate, from Weleda.

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