Mama Time: Project you & me



by Emmy

There are so many pretty great perks to being a mama. Firstly you get to call yourself a mama. Or in the case of myself, and many – Mama Bear! I’m not sure about anyone else but that in itself is kicking major life goals right there. And you get a whole day in May to celebrate the very fact that you are a mother! Regardless of how you feel about Mother’s Day (or Mama Weekend as I like to call it), it is still a special time to have your village around you, acknowledge you and celebrate you rocking as a mother. A day to take some time out, and reflect on just how lovely you are!

Despite reading countless articles, books and blogs; I’ve actually only just now come to the realisation that as a mama bear I put everyone’s needs in front of my own. Sometimes after a huge night at the midnight milkbar, I desperately want to hit snooze on my screaming toddler when he wakes in the morning. And after the eight dirty pairs of undies we go through in one day, I literally want to make Oliver clean his own poo and wee off the floor, his toys and his clothes. Obviously I don’t do this, but I am certain I’m not alone in the ‘mama needs to vent’ kind of days. Other days I feel like I am a superhero; smashing out dinner prep, washing, vacuuming floors & even mowing the lawn. But most often than not, I leave the house with spew on my clothes and dirty undone hair. I can’t even remember the last night I did something for myself without feeling guilty about it.

Enter Project You + Me and their Mama Rocks Bundles. A perfectly curated bundle of happiness (just for you) filled with eco and sustainable products, tasty & healthy treats, delivered to your door in a cute and reusable bag. I was lucky enough to receive this bundle of amazing balls (yes I know most people say AMAZE BALLS) but as you get to know me you’ll release I am not most people & yep I say amazing balls!


There’s one of my favourite girl boss / inspiration to the max – Collective Hub magazine (which if I’m lucky I might get to read multiple pages if synchronised sleep happens) otherwise I just read a few pages a day.

The Thankyou hand cream actually makes me feel like I’m making a difference; I’m totally crushing on every single Thankyou product & squealed when I saw this hand cream was in the bundle. My hands smell like I’ve been in an eight hour day spa.


I’ve been munching on the RAW coconut & raspberry chocolate – actually inhaling might be a better word. And it’s vegan & gluten free so totally considering it a healthy treat! I made a silly little video it was that good mmmmmm. I’m yet to try all the other goodies, think Full Filled Co lemon & raspberry raw cheesecake mix, Matcha Baths Salts & Matcha Maiden 100% pure stone ground green tea. But next time my babes fall asleep at the same time you better believe I’m going to boil the kettle, make a cup of tea & soak like a starfish in the bath!

Don’t forget to take some guilt free time out just for you – because trust me, you’re a lovely rocking mama & you deserve it.

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