Tiny Tonics Body Scrub



by Deanna & Emmy

Emmy hearts Coffee

Coffee and ‘Me Time’ are like two of my most treasured things. Well obviously with the exception of my darling hubby and beautiful strawberry babes. So taking out the obvious; it’s all about coffee and me time. Since becoming a mama the notion of me time is kind of a romantic ideal. It doesn’t happen very often, as like lots of us mamas, who the heck has the time for that. I use the time when my babes are asleep to wash, cook dinner, write or sleep.

Coffee on the other hand, well I don’t let me having two kids get in the way of that. Driving to get a takeaway coffee after a late night of either feeding or Netflix is part of my morning routine. So you can imagine how excited I was to try Tiny Tonics Bump & Grind Coffee Scrub. It’s coffee and it is for me! Fist pump for the win.

I for sure have cellulite and stretch marks; I’ve had them before having children and they certainly have gotten worse post having children. So I am excited to try using Tiny Tonics 2-3 times a week to see if there is any improvement.  The packet smells amazing! It is like walking into a café and I can’t wait to bump and grind preferably whilst listening to De La Soul.

Deanna chats chocolate

Late at night, when both my babes are asleep, my favourite thing to do is grab a few pieces of dark chocolate and plonk myself down in front of a riveting TV series. It’s my mama down time, and I look forward to it every day.

The day I received the Tiny Tonics Bump & Grind Cacao Scrub, I couldn’t help myself. I had to open it straight away, and oh. my. word. The smell was the first thing that hit me and it was di-vine. You guys, it was like having my little dark chocolate treat at the start of the day. I patiently waited until the littlest was down for his nap and jumped in the shower to test it out.

As a beauty therapist, I have tried copious amounts of products – and had given up on body scrubs, replacing them instead with my trusty dry body brush. That was until this sweet smelling, super nourishing Cacao Scrub came into my life. In terms of use, it goes on quite grainy, so you definitely want to be in the shower (prior to turning it on), or on a towel to use it. I would suggest mixing a little with some water as you’re scrubbing it on. I could feel the benefits immediately, and was so surprised to feel the effect afterwards. A scrub’s main goal is to rid your skin of dead skin cells, and buff away tiny bumps – improving circulation at the same time. What I didn’t expect, once i’d rinsed it off and jumped out of the shower – was the intense moisture it left on my skin. I felt it all day and couldn’t stop touching my arms.

This natural and organic, Australian made scrub is definitely a new ‘must have’ in my beauty product stash.

You can read more about Cassie, the brains behind the Tiny Tonics brand, in a previously published interview here.

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