Mama Crush: Christy from Little Maggie Moo

TMJ Loves

by Emmy

I’m totally mama crushing on Christy (Personal IG @myminimoo); graphic designer + maker over @littlemaggiemoo. Her daily adventures with her daughter Maggie aka Mini Moo inspire me to get outside; get moving, start exploring & drink a milkshake along the way! I adore the beautiful mother / daughter relationship between Christy & Maggie. She’s a rocking single mama who makes me strive to live in the moment & always count my blessings. Oh & Christy also has the best style – she dresses her Mini Moo like a total rockstar; think tutus & gumboots.

Let’s start things easy, and simple … 

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
At the moment I’m fixated on Meredith Goats Cheese and Avocado on toast. It’s seriously delicious.

2. Most enjoyed Winter and Summer beverages?
Summer is more my thing, I love a cold beer on a warm day, or a glass of white wine. Winter, I probably enjoy more red wine.

3. What three things do you take to your desert island (unfortunately George Clooney isn’t available)?
A kick arse selection of music, a waiter who can bring me delicious cold beverages and a sun lounge.

4. Describe your style …
My style is kind of casual, but maybe trying to be one of the hip mums! But probably not really succeeding! Honestly, it’s not a big deal for me, I just wear what I wear as long as it’s comfortable and not too daggy. I’m more of a tight black jeans with a stripy t-shirt girl, than a leggings girl. I’m really not down with leggings!! They just don’t look good on me.

5. Holiday destination of choice?
Anywhere tropical, I love hot weather, the beach, the sun, sand …sounds like heaven! When can I go?

Ok, let’s step it up a little …

6. How do you chill out?
Chill out, hmmm… I don’t chill much these days with a busy toddler. But if I do get a moment, it’s usually watching an old movie or listening to some new tunes.

7. Something you can’t live without?
Meredith Goats Cheese, honestly, I’m totally addicted! It’s becoming a problem, I need help!

8. You have a dinner party and can invite three people dead or alive, who’s attending? …and what signature dish do you cook for them? More importantly, does it involve dessert?
Bill Murray has to be there. He’s the coolest guy ever. Then maybe Dawn French, I think we would get along. And lastly, Sia, as I just love her music and she seems like such a cool chick! Signature dish would have to be a Mexican street dish and yes dessert is an absolute MUST! I’m such a sweet tooth.

9. What is your favourite thing about Motherhood?
For me it’s the love you feel for your child, it’s like no other. Plus watching them grow and develop into an independent little person. I look at Maggie and think I made that!!!

10. When you jump on Instagram, which accounts do you look at no matter what?
There are a couple I love, Constance Hall is a favourite at the moment, I also love the Design Files and of course the Merge Journal is a favourite too!

11. Are you afraid of anything? (we promise we won’t use this against you. Maybe)
I’m a bit worried about turning 40 in a couple of years, that’s a bit of a worry (I’ve still got three years to go). How the hell did that happen? I still feel like I’m thirty!

12. Favourite childhood memory?
Riding my bike with my brother and sister up and down the driveway. We spent hours riding, talking and laughing. Fun times.

13. What are your non-negotiable health and beauty routines?
Teeth brushing morning and night is a must! Plus showering daily, but that’s pretty much it for me. I don’t moisturise, I probably should, but never remember to. I’ve seen that much sun in my life, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be mega wrinkling one day. But I’m ok with that!

Oh, these are too easy? Ok … let’s get personal.

14. What does self care mean to you?
For me, it’s more about my mental health. I’ve recently become a single mum taking care of mini moo 100% of the time, so it’s important for me to make sure I eat well and exercise daily, to keep me physically and mentally strong.

15. Leap into the future – describe to us how it looks …
Hopefully there’s a gorgeous man in my life, because life’s more fun when you’ve got someone pretty cool to share it with. I’d like to think Maggie and I are doing well, still having adventures everyday. And I’m back on my mountain bike, doing a few races when I can.

16. Inspiration; what makes you go chick chick boom?
Music, exercise, …riding my bike on some amazing single track in the middle of the bush with my friends.

17. What makes you wet-your-pants happy?
Watching mini moo interact with people on the street. She’s so animated and bold. It makes me laugh watching people’s reaction. She’s a hoot.

18. Do you live by a life motto? If so, do share …
Make plans, but remember you can always change them.

19. Tell us something about yourself that we’d be surprised to hear …
Before Maggie was born, I raced mountain bikes competitively and have an alter ego called Janis. Don’t mess with Janis!!! No seriously.

and finally …

20. What’s next for you?
Working away with my mum on Little Maggie Moo, we’re about to release a new exciting winter range. Also trying to balance life, work and a crazy toddler. Just going with the flow really.

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