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The Merge Journal Try Some Colour

by Emmy

Cassandra Symons @trysomecolour is a Brisbane based personal stylist, mama to a beautiful toddler and expecting her second babe in late June this year.  Her style is casual, practical, affordable and perfect for busy mamas running around chasing their offspring. Actually is it perfect for everybody. Cassandra encourages her clients to ‘try something new and rock what you’ve got’. I love a bit of self-love, especially in the fashion world – and can’t wait for her to come over and help me rock what I’ve got.

Cassandra, what made you start your Instagram account @trysomecolour?

My first pregnancy with my son Freddie was complicated by a medical issue he has; this was closely monitored for the rest of my pregnancy. Freddie required surgery when he was 10 weeks old and the following months were a daze. My interest in what I wore disappeared entirely. When I emerged from the haze of having a newborn and Freddie’s recovery seemed to stabilise, my interest in my personal style came back with a vengeance. I wanted something just for me – personal styling is my passion and Instagram was the perfect platform. I started my account with the purpose of incorporating more colour into my wardrobe and it has developed from there. To now have my accreditation as a personal stylist and to be launching my own business – I love where this has taken me.

What have you been most surprised about since starting @trysomecolour?

The genuine friendships I have made with women I have connected with on Instagram; what a supportive group.

Why is it important for you to feel confident with what you choose to wear?

Based on my own personal experience, what I choose to wear each day is the ultimate act of self-care. It is how I remind myself that I am still me – regardless of what is going on in my life. When I wear something that feels like me; that is flattering to my body shape and suits my lifestyle, I feel good when I walk out the door. There have been weeks where I have only left the house to go to medical appointments or buy groceries because my son has been sick. At these times it became even more important to me that I felt as good as I could about myself. An essential part of this is what I was wearing.

How has Instagram / social media changed the fashion industry in the last few years?

Social media has made fashion so much more accessible. Designers, brands and on-line publications are using social media to connect with people and this is reflected in what is available in shops and what you see people wearing every day.

You have recently launched your own personal styling business Try Some Colour. What does your vision board for Try Some Colour look like?

To help other women rock what they’ve got. To help women feel confident and positive about themselves. To help women feel happy about what they are wearing every day and to feel that what they wear feels like them and expresses their personality.

People often think you need to spend a lot of money to be ‘fashionable’. What one piece of advice do you have for those of us on a budget?

To invest in good quality basics – the best that your budget can stretch to.

The Merge Journal Try Some Colour

Clothes are so often mass-produced; do you ever try and source environmentally friendly pieces or locally/ethically made clothes? If so why/why not?

Sustainable fashion is something that I have become more interested in; part of this is supporting small businesses. I have discovered several amazing small businesses through Instagram and love supporting and promoting them.

Do you ever buy bamboo or organic cotton pieces? If so why/why not?

I have a few bamboo maternity pieces in my current wardrobe that I love – they are beautifully made and so comfortable to wear. My focus this pregnancy is on shopping my wardrobe and wearing what I already have in different ways. I will be looking more into bamboo and organic pieces in the future.

For those of us with a whole cupboard of clothes and nothing to wear; can you give us three pieces of advice to trim down our wardrobe?

Ohhh, I have been there. What an overwhelming feeling. Your wardrobe should be a happy place!

  • Review your wardrobe

It is so important to know what you already have in your wardrobe. This will reduce impulse shopping and somehow finding that you own five (similar) grey tees (I’m talking about myself here!)

  • Be clear about your personal style

I love being inspired by everyday women, designers, street style and trends; my style has evolved and will continue to. But every day, what I wear feels like me.

  • Dress for your body shape

When you know your personal body shape and what is flattering for you, you can create new combinations from what you already own and shop confidently. Obviously, pregnancy changes your body shape. Mine also changed dramatically as a new mum. This is an area where a personal stylist can really help and advise you.

You’re mama to a beautiful toddler, Freddie, and pregnant. How do you find the balance between being a mama and working from home?

It’s a constant struggle for me between pregnancy, being Freddie’s mum and Joe’s wife, teaching part time and Try Some Colour. My husband is amazing and very supportive; my family has also been fantastic, especially when Freddie has been sick. I am becoming more aware of what my limits are. A few years ago someone I respect advised me to make time for myself every day, as an act of self-care. This advice has really stuck with me and I do my best to follow it.

The Merge Journal Try Some Colour

Biggest learning curve as a mama?

Wow. This question stopped me in my tracks. Letting go of my expectations is a huge and constant lesson for me. It’s that classic case of life doesn’t have to be perfect to be fabulous, and my life is pretty fabulous! I have a gorgeous, brave, funny, sweet and smart toddler, an amazing husband and a baby on the way.

Best piece of advice for other mamas wanting to start their own business?

Go for it! Surround yourself with positive people who get you – maybe they don’t get what your passion is, but they need to get you.

What are you favourite stalk, ahem, ‘must check on a daily basis’ IG accounts?

Suzy @desperatelyseekingsuzy; Meredith @retailgenie; Sarah @mummaaintmumsy; Sally @steelemystyle; Zoe @dresslikeamum and Alex @whattheteacherwears. I also check out #everydaystyle created by Nikki @stylingyou and #realmumstyle with Bron @flatbummum – so many fabulous women rocking their own personal style.

How do you relax at the end of a long week?

Spending quality family time with my favourite people. Not having to rush anywhere in the morning is the best.

You’re about to become a mama of two. Does this terrify or excite you?

Both! I needed to get myself to a point where I thought I could handle what this pregnancy threw at me. Excitement then took over. I feel more confident about myself as a person since I have become a mum. I’m tougher and braver than I thought I was. I have no idea what life as a mum to two and as a family of four will be like, but I cannot wait to find out and meet our new family member.

The Merge Journal Try Some Colour

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee. Always coffee.

Favourite autumn essentials?

Ankle boots are such a good trans-seasonal piece. They are also fantastic for a busy mum who needs to be comfortable but also wants to look stylish.

My favourites are from Frankie 4 Footwear

The Merge Journal Try Some Colour

Must have maternity essentials? 

I’ve recently posted a series of Maternity Essentials on my Instagram account, based on what I learned from my first pregnancy and how my personal style has evolved. Most of the pieces are non-maternity, but I included a maternity bra and maternity and nursing dress.

Mamma Belle has a fabulous dress that is maternity and nursing friendly.

To finish … favourite quote?

Be kind.

Want to read more ‘Fashion’ pieces? Click on the little ‘plus’ sign at the bottom of this page and check them out under ‘Categories’.


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