Interview with Tiny Tonics: A Natural Crush


Tiny Tonics Natural Skincare for baby The Merge Journal

by Emmy

Here at The Merge Journal we love products which heal and support us and our babes AND the earth. So naturally we fell head over heals in love with Tiny Tonics. It was a natural crush – love at first sight!

Tiny Tonics is 100% Natural, Organic & Australian. Run by the fabulous Cassie out of Sydney.  Imagine stunning wooden carved rattles, natural products & beautiful brown jars all from the one store.  One scroll over their Instagram feed will make you want to throw out everything in your bathroom cupboard, start from scratch and stock up on all the el natural goodness. With a background in neonatal intensive care nursing; Cassie already knew all the benefits of baby massage and how healing the art of touch can be on your newborn baby.

We desperately wanted to share a pot of tea with Cassie, however, for now we will settle with an interview.

Cassie you’re a beautiful mama and the owner of Tiny Tonics. Can you share a little about yourself?

Sure! I live in Sydney with my husband, our beautiful ten-month-old daughter and our accidentally gigantic puppy; we adopted him when he was three months old, scrawny and malnourished, and they said he was going to be a small to medium sized dog. We fed him up and he just kept on growing, and at two years old we’re waiting for him to stop! I love baking and sewing, have quite the sweet tooth and adore my career as a NICU nurse.

You started Tiny Tonics after your daughter was born, describe what the moment was like when you decided to start your own business?

It was almost accidental – when a dear friend of mine wanted to buy some of the simple, coconut-and-essential-oils massage oil I gifted her and her newborn, I realised that there are other mamas like us, looking for simple, natural baby care products (and aching for some sleep!). The idea blossomed slowly, until all of a sudden I decided to kick my butt in to gear and turn my idea into reality!

Tiny Tonics Natural Skincare for baby The Merge Journal

Can you tell us a bit about the Tiny Tonics’ Bottom Balm?

The bottom balm came about when I realised that the most popular brands of booty cream for babies in cloth nappies were full of horrible synthetic fragrances! That drove me to take a closer look at some of the other products around for babies in cloth and otherwise, and I found similar nasties; preservatives, petrochemicals and parfums. I set out to create a balm full of ingredients that are actually good for the skin, supercharged it with herbal infusions and antioxidants, and filled it with (importantly) natural and organic essential oils; not only for their scents but their healing, soothing benefits, too!

Your wild wooden rattles are sourced from fallen down trees; how cool is that! I’m imagining you running through the local woods, collecting and foraging fallen down trees. Where did you get this idea and what is the process for collecting wood to use for your rattles?

Using the gifts that nature gives us to craft simple and beautiful toys for babies is an idea that is so sweet for me, so naturally the Wild Wood Rattles are a dream to be able to give people! Trees that have fallen naturally are collected and the rattles forged from a single piece, so that there are no joins or glues used, making each one special and completely unique – just like the baby they’re given to!

How important is running an environmentally sustainable company to you?

I really want my daughter to have an appreciation for the resources the earth gives us, and an understanding of the need to share these around – and I think the best way I can foster this, is to lead by example! I’m certainly no expert, but even small changes can make a huge difference when adopted by many.

Do you have three simple tips we can all use at home to live a more sustainable life?

Look for natural alternatives where available – luckily, this is becoming increasingly easy with today’s eco-minded market; rethinking packaging, especially when fruit and vege shopping; and shop small and local stores wherever possible!

For those of us who are new to baby massage, can you share a tip on using Tiny Tonics’ Sleepy Time Massage oil?

Both baby and mum will get the most benefit from a relaxing massage with our Sleepy Time oil if you set the scene; turn the lights down, create a calm environment, take your time and enjoy it! There are great reflexology points on the baby’s foot which can relieve many common troubles, too – just have a bit of a search on the internet.

Tiny Tonics Natural Skincare for baby The Merge Journal

What are some of the healing and health benefits of using Tiny Tonics’ Healing Herb & Oat Soak?

Oats are a traditional treatment for dry, irritated and sensitive skin, and the use of colloidal oatmeal in skin care is supported by extensive clinical trials and recommended by leading dermatologists. In particular, tricky skin conditions like eczema benefit from the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant activity of colloidal oatmeal. These tricky skin conditions can be devastating and heartbreaking, so being able to treat them with a simple bath soak is a lifesaver for many families.

How do you find balance between being a mama and running Tiny Tonics?

Reheating, haha! I cook two nights’ dinners at once, and only cooking every other day frees up a surprisingly large amount of time. Double points for using a slow cooker! And making sure I block out some dedicated time for my daughter; no computer, no phone, and trying to be really present for those moments.

What is something you hope to pass down to your daughter?

My love of baking. It’s a great way to unwind and makes you more patient and attentive to detail; plus, cake!

Funniest memory / moment since becoming a mama?

During our annual holiday with our extended family, watching my daughter and her cousin (who is ten weeks older) sit, side by side in their high chairs, shoveling in fistfuls of noodles, stealing from each others trays, trying to feed each other and me regretting not sitting them over the grass!

Tiny Tonics Natural Skincare for baby The Merge Journal

How do you spend a rainy afternoon?

I love the excuse to pop in to my jammies early and snuggle up on the couch – ideally with a cheese platter and some trashy TV.

Favourite type of tea?

Green tea with lemon, for a light, cleansing pick-me-up.

The book that changed your life is …

“Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss. It sounds silly, but this was my graduation present from a family friend, and when I first read it at eighteen years old I was touched by its simple and lovely message, and now it’s my go-to baby shower/farewell gift. But, if we’re talking literature, “The Mysterious Stranger” by Mark Twain. It’s an unusual and thought provoking social commentary, and Mark Twain is a wonderful writer.

Finally, what is next for Tiny Tonics?

We can’t wait to bring you our range of products for mamas and mamas-to-be! But, shhhh … It’s still a secret!

Tiny Tonics Natural Skincare for baby The Merge Journal

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