Tour: Marlowe’s Room



by Candice

I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Miss Marlowe’s new room revamp. Her mama – the extremely talented, super kind, and always fabulous Kate from @luxebabylove (who creates the most swoon worthy scandi inspired decor) has put together this perfect space for her little leading lady. Her nursery is filled with divine keepsake treasures from some truly amazing, one of a kind, small businesses. It is modern, yet ultra girly with that added magic touch. Kate has kindly shared the details and inspiration on how this little slice of heaven came to be.

We didn’t find out if we were having a boy or girl babe when we were pregnant and only moved back into our house (after renting it out to travel) a couple of months before she was born so our nursery was pretty basic and unisex. We went with a black and white theme which we thought was perfect for either sex but I found a little masculine when she turned out to be a tiny girl so I added some dusty pinks to it. The big ass crazy cupboards are for all the stuff needed to raise a tiny human (who would have thought!) and for all of Marlowe’s amazing handmade clothes (I am envious of her endless options) and my attempt at a bit of minimalism (I’m working on that haha!). The door handles are from @zakkia and I made the leather tabs. I decided I wanted to give her room a bit of a change up (because I am that kind of crazy Mama) and I have just finished refreshing it with her in mind and it is now quite white, fresh and beautiful, I call the theme ‘modern magic’.

I design nursery decor and basically every item I think up is something I can see being in Marlowe’s room. I wanted a bright fresh space to reflect the Scandi Luxe style of my products and a place where we love to hang out and play in. It’s modern and magic just like my tiny babe.

For Christmas Marlowe got a Numero 74 canopy (Santa knows whats up!) and I had a vision of a mostly white nursery, a space super dreamy with a hint of magic. Somewhere super special just like her.

Luxe Baby Love Marlow's Room Tour Girls Room

My fave item would have to be her cot, I adore the fact that we upcycled a cot we were given and the fact that Marlowe’s dad spent so many hours making it and poured so much love into making it something beautiful just for her. I had seen the house beds but had never seen a cot version so at the time it was unique and loads of fun.

Marlowe has a LOT of treasures and I am really proud to say that most of them come from small independent Instagram stores, with a high percentage of them being hand made by Mama’s who look after their babes and create beautiful products often into the wee early morning hours.

Source List:


Bookshelf / Near Bookshelf:


Reading nook:

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