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Baby Sleep Bag

by Emmy

I have been a huge Love to Dream fan since I had my first babe Oliver way back in 2013. I do love to swaddle a baby; both Oliver and Isla used the Swaddle Up Originals when they were newborns. Isla was a shocking ‘wake up and hysterically scream the whole suburb down reflux baby.’ So for us, swaddling really worked. It comforted her and settled her.

At around six months, I started to transition Isla into her cot and into a sleeping bag. I swear by putting Isla in a sleeping bag at night, it instantly calms her and is a signal for her that playtime is over and now she must go to sleep. I personally love to have a sheet over me at night (sometimes I even turn the fan on high and nestle under the doona in summer); I think it’s a comfort thing. So it makes sense to me that Isla too, feels safe and secure whilst in a sleeping bag.

Not only does she seem to relax and ready herself for sleep but I love the security of knowing the sleeping bag is safe; it isn’t going to creep over and cover her head. I found as a mama to a newborn again, I was often worried that my babe was too hot or too cold. So I love that sleeping bags are graded differently depending on the thickness of the fabric.

Love to Dream have sleep bags, which range from 0.2TOG; a lightweight sleep bag and perfect for humid, hot nights to 2.5TOG in the winter months. I even believe there are thicker sleeping bags on the market, however in Brisbane our winters are pretty mild so I personally have never had to go any thicker than a 2.5TOG.

Today I tried the Love to Dream Nuzzlin 0.2TOG Sleep Bag and guess what? Isla had her longest day sleep ever. Wahoo! It might be a coincidence but maybe this Love to Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag is actually magic? Magic or not, it sure is the cutest watermelon pink with a sweet little ice block print. I adore this shade of pink and the 100% cotton fabric is lightweight, breathable and oh so soft. Oh and as an added bonus she woke up looking like this:

Love to Dream Sleep Bag

I’ve used many different brands of sleeping bags in my years as a mama; but I can honestly say that the Love to Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag is hands down the easiest to get on and off Isla. I love the position of the zip; making it super easy for nappy changes.

If you follow me on Instagram you will know I adore taking photos of my sleeping babies – it’s my favourite way to capture them. So I will leave you with this beautiful image of my sleeping babe:

Love to Dream Sleep Bag

Love to Dream Nuzzlin Sleep Bag

Love to Dream are sleep specialists, creating a 3-Stage Sleep system ™ which can be used from Birth up until 36 months. Swaddling, Transition from Swaddling and Sleep Bags. It is IMPORTANT to follow safe sleeping guidelines and carefully read all the instructions included in your packaging.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Love to Dream.

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