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greeneryby Emmy

I fell head over heels in love with Love Izzi when I had Isla. The vintage style rompers made my heart skip a beat, and those little reversible sun bonnets, oh my! I couldn’t wait to meet Mel – the mama who started this beautiful label. She had me at watermelons …

Who is the mama behind Love Izzi? Can you share a little snippet of who you are?

I’m Mel, mumma to almost two year old twins Ava and Madison. I love to make things, crafts, sewing, cooking, the lot! I always have something in progress, something unfinished and a million more ideas lined up and waiting.

What inspired you to start Love Izzi?

I needed an outlet whilst on maternity leave. While I love being a mumma, I needed something that was about me. I’ve always been a creative person and needed an escape from the focus on nappies, tanties and ‘mummmmaa’ screams, so Love Izzi came to life!

What is your biggest surprise since starting Love Izzi?

That people buy my clothes! Seriously, I never dreamed I would ever be this busy. I thought it was just a little hobby and I would maybe get lucky and have a friend or two buy something from me, there is no way I thought I could actually turn this into something that would allow me to work from home and help support my family! It was scary starting out, worried no one would be interested in my stuff, the thought of failing and how embarrassed I would feel, but the support I have received from so many people is so overwhelming and I feel incredibly lucky and honoured to receive so much love!

Favourite item from SS15 range?

Oh my, it would have to be Bambi, everytime I see a picture of a little bebe in one of my Bambi rompers my heart melts and I have an abundance of heart eyes – there’s just something about Bambi and its sweet childlike innocence on a little babe.

When did you learn to sew?

My mum gave me her old sewing machine ten years ago and I was determined to teach myself how to sew!

Work / Life balance? How do you do it all?

To be honest, it’s challenging at first, but now I’ve learned how to say ‘no’ (sometimes) and stop myself from being inundated with orders. I’ve learnt that day time is for the girls so from 5.30am till 8pm I’m mumma and my focus is purely on my minis. All my sewing is done at night once the girls have gone to bed. Luckily I’ve never been a big sleeper! Most nights I’ll be up till 1-2am sewing away trying to get orders finished.

Best advice for other mama’s wanting to start a small business?

Do it! It’s scary taking that first step, but oh so worth it! I feel incredibly lucky to be able to stay at home with my babies and watch them grow while still being able to help provide financially for our family. They are only little once and time goes so fast.

Pot luck picnic; what would you bring?

Watermelon … Always watermelon.

What was the moment like when you found out you were having twins?

I was speechless and so overwhelmed with happiness. I’ve never been so nervous in my life going in for that scan. I had mentally prepared myself for the worst. Two weeks earlier I had a lot of bleeding and was told by the doctor they were pretty sure I had a miscarriage. I was rushed to have an ultrasound but they said it was too early to detect if the pregnancy was ‘viable’ and I would have to come back for another scan in a couple of weeks. The wait was hell. Part of me was holding onto hope that my baby was there and ok, while the other part of me started preparing for the worst news. I started feeling so sick a few days before the scan and put it down to nerves. During the scan, the technician started hmm’ing a lot and then finally said ‘well this is the reason you’re so sick … There are two in there!’. Going from thinking there would be a high chance of having no baby to then finding out there were two was a total mind blow. There were no words, just pure happiness and love. (Fast forward five minutes I think ‘oh shit, we are having twins ‘ may have been said … several times!)

Favourite type of tea?

English breakfast, everytime, you can’t go wrong.

What is one life skill you hope to pass down to your daughters?

Tolerance. I would love for them to have the ability to be tolerant towards others even if they have a difference of opinion. The world would be so less cruel if people could show more love and understanding.

Biggest learning as a mother?

Kids are hard. So freakin’ hard. Patience is a big thing when you have kids and I’ve had to learn fast to be more patient and that sometimes you just need to stop, sit down, have a cuddle and read them ‘that’ book (even if it is for the 50th time that day).

So, what’s next for Love Izzi?

I have a couple of newbies coming up in the next week or so which I can’t wait to share … Think girly – lace, tulle and sparkles.

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