Natural Teething Essentials



by Liz

I’m nine months and five teeth in with baby #2 and am right in the thick of teething with a new tooth popping up every few weeks or so. I’m lucky that both of my girls haven’t suffered too badly at the hands of those pesky teeth – and both have only seemed to be in visible pain at the time of the tooth actually cutting through, but they do usually experience some discomfort for a couple of days before hand. The tooth always seems to cut at night time and I can always tell that it has cut because they would be super upset and waking regularly, or not sleeping at all for those few hours. The morning after one of those nights I can always bet money on there being a new tooth!

When I start to see that a new tooth is about to erupt (visibly seeing the tooth through the gums, swollen gum, baby chewing on anything and everything) I prepare my teething arsenal to have on hand for those next few days to ease a little bit of the discomfort.

My current teething tool belt looks like this:

WELEDA TEETHING POWDER – This is a homeopathic mix containing Chamomilla and Conchae. You give it multiple times a day, either mixed into some water, food, or straight as a powder. I just dip my finger into it and rub it straight onto her gums. There are a few good homeopathic teething remedies on the market and different remedies work for different people, so try a few until you find the one that works best for your baby.

BALTIC AMBER JEWELLERY – Both of my girls have worn an amber necklace from three months of age, night and day. Amber is a resin which when warmed by the body releases oils containing succinic acid – a natural pain reliever. The oils are absorbed through the skin and into the blood steam where they get to work improving immunity, relieving headaches, teething pain and reducing inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach. They can help with rashes, fever, colds, earaches, upset tummies, sleeplessness and many people even report a sense of calm when their child is wearing amber jewellery. There are some beautiful businesses making amber jewellery for children with crystals incorporated for something extra special. My faves are Tribal Dreaming, and Summer & Storm .

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL – A few drops mixed with a little of a carrier oil (I use coconut) and applied to the neck and jaw line can help calm a teething baby. Be sure to use a good brand of 100% essential oil.

COLD CELERY STICKS – An icy cold stick of celery feels good on sore gums and celery is also a natural pain killer!

NATURAL RUBBER AND WOODEN TOYS – I like to have a variety of wooden and natural rubber toys for my baby to chew on wherever we are. Be sure wooden toys are made from non toxic wood and are treated with only natural oils.

LOTS OF CUDDLES AND A RELAXED ROUTINE – Our routine is pretty relaxed and completely baby led, but when my babe is struggling with a new tooth we really roll with the punches and if that means we spend the entire day in bed reading stories and breastfeeding every hour, then so be it! My baby often gets exceptionally clingy for a day or two before a new tooth pops through, so realising that she has this need because she is uncomfortable, and that it will be short lived – helps me to embrace her needs and not be bothered that I can’t get much done on those days. And baby wearing to the rescue yet again!

Do you have any tried and true teething remedies that you swear by?

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One thought on “Natural Teething Essentials

  1. Hi Ms. Liz,

    I am a mother of 2 girls too, namely Margarett (4 years old) and Mary (2 years old). I have shared a lot to some parents in their school regarding my babies’ journey especially on how they cope on their early age. Margarett or we call her Garry started teething late so it is much not needed to have a lot of attentions that we carry on her but we attended a lot of time with her as she was our only child that time we are not familiar with having a baby that we take care with my husband. Looking with your posted remedies, I haven’t used any of them aside from giving my baby a lot of cuddles and attention at time. We have given her soft food and just meds when she got fever. On our youngest Mary, she’s a lil different in which we have given extra more attention than Garry as she experienced rashes and fever too. We have brought her to her Pedia for consultation and we were just advised to put a cure on the fever and rashes. We have been given an ointment for the rashes and were explained that it was been normal for a child to experience such symptoms. We have tried also to give her teething gels and teething toys. I was anxious at the time as I don’t have any ideas on natural cure like you have listed here. Let me allow saying thank you on sharing with us your way of cure as we have now any idea and we can avoid panic.

    Thank You so much.


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