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by Deanna

We have a huge mama crush on Bohannah Gerritsen over here at TMJ. ‘Bo’ – also known to us as the stunning mama behind one of our favourite Instagram profiles ‘Indi and Arch’ – is a beautiful being. We are all in awe of her divine beach pics, and luscious locks. She is mama to Indiana and Archer, and one of the sweetest women we know. We had the pleasure of picking apart her mind and getting the answers to our fave 20 questions:

Let’s start things easy, and simple … 

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Muesli with blueberries, greek yoghurt and honey, courtesy of my husband. Most days I don’t eat until lunch.

2. Most enjoyed Winter and Summer beverages?
Can’t go past a hot chocolate in Winter and I love a banana smoothie in Summer.

3. What three things do you take to your desert island (unfortunately George Clooney isn’t available)?
I can’t really answer this without saying the husband and two kids! But if I was going solo and taking actual ‘things’ then it would be my phone (Insta), my beach people roundie and an iced coffee (a really large one!)

4. Describe your style …
I’m really basic. I’ve practically been pregnant and breastfeeding for the last two years so it’s been baggy, button ups, but I’m mostly a tee and jeans girl.

5. Holiday destination of choice?
I’m afraid of flying slash I don’t like the idea of spending an entire day on a plane BUT I would love to see the Canadian rockies.  I could also road trip New Zealand again … It’s absolutely stunning!

Ok, let’s step it up a little …

6. How do you chill out?
I love to take naps! Half the time I’m day dreaming but I absolutely love it.

7. Something you can’t live without?
I couldn’t live without my little ones, I can’t even begin to imagine my life without them.

8. You have a dinner party and can invite three people dead or alive, who’s attending?
Miranda Kerr so we can get a picture together, Chris Hemsworth because … and Beyoncé for entertainment.

9. …and what signature dish do you cook for them? More importantly, does it involve dessert?
Oh I would be too intimidated to cook for those three! Ha but I would probably make a Laksa soup because you can’t go wrong with that. And I definitely wouldn’t attempt a dessert, I would just grab all of my favourite connoisseur tubs of ice cream.

10. When you jump on Instagram, which accounts do you look at no matter what?
@hayleyswest @seashaa and @mmanda_ these three occupy most of my time lately.

11. Are you afraid of anything? (we promise we won’t use this against you. Maybe)
When my husband is away at work and I wake up in the middle of the night and can hear noises outside, my mind goes crazy. I always go downstairs and make sure the dogs are patrolling inside.

12. Favourite childhood memory?
Going to the video store and renting ‘Now and Then’ every Friday night.

13. What are your non negotiable health and beauty routines?
No real routines as I don’t wear a lot of makeup but I should probably get into that now I’m nearing 25!

Oh, these are too easy? Ok … let’s get personal.

14. What does self care mean to you?
Self care to me is being healthy! I don’t exercise or do yoga or anything like that, but I am very conscious of what foods I’m putting into my body and it’s something I’m quite passionate about.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to indulge, but you will never see me feeding my kids chips or lollies!

15. Leap into the future – describe to us how it looks …
Living down south by the coast, driving to the beach every morning with the kiddies. Growing and eating our own veggies from the garden and living a sustainable lifestyle.

16. Inspiration; what makes you go chick chick boom?
Lately I’ve been obsessed with macrame! It’s inspired me to give it a crack … But let’s just say I’m still working on it.

17. What makes you wet-your-pants happy?
Indiana is at such a cool age right now and from the minute she wakes up she has her dad and I in hysterics! She always has a new favourite word, a new dance move or a new trick up her sleeve. Watching her and Archer’s personalities come out makes us explode with happiness!

18. Do you live by a life motto? If so, do share …
I love the motto, “There is a very faint line between coincidence and fate”

19. Tell us something about yourself that we’d be surprised to hear …
When I was younger my family and I lived in a shed (a really big shed) while my dad was building our family home.  Now my husband, kids and I may be moving back into that same shed later this year while we establish our roots (build a house) down south.  Talk about history repeating itself!

and finally …

20. What’s next for you?
Well I don’t think we will be having another baby for a few more years …(maybe) so I’ll just be enjoying my family of four and soaking up all the fun that is, motherhood! Oh and posting all about it on Instagram.

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