20 Facts: Candice


FullSizeRender (1)1. I’m that annoying person singing along to all the songs on the radio but can’t seem to get a single verse right.

2. I can say the alphabet backwards!

3. Thanks to my family living over in Japan, I’ve been lucky enough to travel there five times or maybe six … I really can’t remember.

4. If you’re eating chewing gum, do not come near me – it makes me physically feel ill.

5. Before the girls, I was a volunteer for the SES, I had hopes of one day becoming a paramedic.

6. I can’t stand having baths, they bore me to death.

7. When I feel nervous, I tend to verbal diarrhoea and then walk away thinking why on earth would I say that!

8. I was a rebellious teenager, think – back piercing and skull and cross bones tattoo.

9. I’m very honest, always! It’s one of my greatest qualities but also one of my worst … Sometimes I need to learn to zip it.

10. The thought of outer space blows my mind!

11. I’ve been in a few mosh pits back in my day. There’s no way you’d catch me listening to heavy metal now, although I can still appreciate it.

12. I bungy jumped off the Auckland Bridge, I’m almost 100% sure my heart stopped for a brief second.

13. I only ever wanted two children, but since having Peyton I feel like there’s room for one more.

14. I’ve experienced two hospital water births, I dream of the next one being at home.

15. I went into (pre) labour with Haidee on Father’s Day and (pre) labour with Peyton on Easter Day. Both were born the following day.

16. My husband is an ex Muay Thai fighter, before the girls came along we would spend our weeks training in the gym and weekends attending fight nights.

17. I need to learn how to meditate, my mind never shuts up!

18. I don’t do well with confrontation – I’m all about spreading the love.

19. Bucket list countries – Numero uno Spain! then; Greece, Brazil, Peru, India, Nepal. I want to fully immerse myself in their cultures and stuff my face with their cuisines.

20. Nothing pleases me more then a good doco.

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