20 Facts: Liz


Liz 20 facts pic

1. I’m a Capricorn.

2. I struggle to spend money on myself but have no problems spending a fortune on my girls.

3. I’m not into lollies but gimme all the chocolate.

4. Dreaming of taking a year out of life and traveling the globe with my gang @courtneyadamo style.

5. Some days I think I’d like three more babies, other days I think “can I return these two?”

6. I’ve now had an unmedicated hospital birth and a home birth. I love birth but not the actual pushing a human out of my vagina part…

7. I search for a natural alternative to basically everything. Drives my family a bit mad but they go along with it.

8. My mums potato bake has got to be my favorite comfort food.

9. I love rainy days snuggled inside.

10. You couldn’t pay me to relive my 20’s.

11. The only genre of movie I can stand watching is romantic comedy. Or straight comedy. Or occasionally straight romance.

12. I started watching Twilight once but I got too scared and had to turn it off.

13. We haven’t had a TV since spring and I love it.

14. I love salt. I must salt everything. Himalayan of course.

15. I can’t sleep in a pitch black room.

16. Before I go anywhere on a holiday I research all the cafes and restaurants I want to go to, look at the menus, follow them on Instagram and make a list in my phone. Eating is basically why I go on holiday.

17. Pre babies I was a total celebrity buff. I knew every celeb and all their kids names. Now I open a trashy magazine and have no idea who half the people are. But I do still know everything Kardashian.

18. I have a severe attachment to emoji use and I really find it hard to write anything on a computer or with an actual pen because how will they know which emoji face I’m meaning when I write this?!! (Insert shocked face emoji).

19. I absolutely will not ever clean that disgusting filter bit in the dishwasher. I’ll change a billion dirty nappies but husband, that dishwasher filter is your business. (Insert ‘no deal’ emoji).

20. Sand in the bed (a million no deal emoji’s!).

One thought on “20 Facts: Liz

  1. You must be pretty easy to please… Mum’s potato bake??? I heard that she loves your pumpkin curry, oh and that amazing mustard yogurty dill dressing you make to go with fish. Loving this blog by the way..!!


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