20 Facts: Deanna



1. I take labels and stickers off everything I buy. Even a magazine from a newsstand – I take the price label off before I can read it because it doesn’t look as pretty with it on there.

2. After I prep food, I tidy the kitchen before I can sit down to eat, even if it means cold porridge.

3. Moving furniture around is my idea of fun.

4. I write lists for everything.

5. ‘Plato’ is not my surname – it’s ‘Platings’ … An old friend used to call my husband Plato, and I therefore was Mrs Plato, that’s where my IG and blog name came from.

6. I check for spiders and snakes in my bedsheets every single night without fail. I know they could crawl in while I’m asleep, but at least I bring the odds down by checking first.

7. I adore watching the Kardashians. I genuinely think they are an awesome, funny, tight knit family, and have good moral values. Judge me all you want. They’ve been on the screen for almost ten years now and they are still tight as ever. (Excepting Rob – I don’t know what’s going on there). Kourtney is my fave and I think if we met in real life we’d be the best of friends. We are both super anxious, love interior design, and are mummies. That’s enough – that’s all we need for a good starter conversation.

8. I count pegs as I pull them out of the basket so they match the amount I know I need, with the clothes in my hand.

9. As a teenager I was the movie queen. I knew every movie, actor, and lines in movies. Now, as a mummy, I’ve watched like three movies in the last three years – yep motherhood will do that to you.

10. My husband is my soulmate, no doubt about it. There are way too many coincidences that led us to find each other. He tells me how much he loves me multiple times a day and I can feel how much he means it. It makes me all gooey inside and we’ve almost been married ten years. True love right there.

11. I eat dark chocolate every single day without fail.

12. I was on Family Feud (an Australian game show) back in the 90’s. Much embarrassment.

13. I seem to be slightly allergic to colour, give me white and neutrals and greys any day.

14. My first hospital visit was an overnighter in a French hospital after a nasty snowboarding accident. I didn’t speak a word of French and they wouldn’t let my husband stay with me. It was horrible.

15. My first time in a plane, I jumped out of it – skydiving.

16. I travelled the world alone without friends because I thought I had something to prove to them all that I could do it. Little did I know the lesson I’d learn, was that yes I could, but I needed to prove it to myself. Which I did. And it changed me massively.

17. I have serious self esteem issues, I’m much more confident now as a mother, and in my mothering – but I am constantly comparing myself to others in all aspects of life.

18. I adore the beach and the sand and the waves, but I’m a little scared of the ocean.

19. For my 30th birthday all I wanted was a classic white mini. I’m now 33 (without a mini) and we’ve pushed this back to my 35th, but it’s still top of the list. And it will happen. One day. Perhaps this year. Wink wink husband.

20. If I’m in the right frame of mind I can be confident and talk to people I don’t know, but generally I’m quite reserved and stand off-ish.

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