20 Facts: Emmy


Emmy 20 facts

1. My full name is Emma [No middle name] O’Neill. O’Neill is spelt O’NEILL two L’s people! I would never have changed my name if I knew it would be so complicated. Most people call me Emmy or Em.

2. I have two children Oliver [No middle name] O’Neill and Isla [No middle name] O’Neill. We decided to carry on the tradition of no middle names as both my parents and Grandad don’t have one either. O’Neill is spelt the same with two L’s.

3. We call Oliver ‘Rex’ and he calls Isla ‘Rara’ which is how my blog REX+RARA came about.

4. I am addicted to coffee. Love me a good espresso.

5. I moved to Paris when I was 22 and literally cried when I arrived at Charles de Gaulle as everyone was speaking French. Duh Emmy obviously they were speaking French. It was FRANCE!

6. I wanted to live in Paris so I could learn to speak French so one day when I had children they would be bilingual. HAHAHA This was not the case. I have THE WORST French and French accent out of anyone in the world. Even worse than people who have never heard a French accent. I sound like I’m trying to talk German and Japanese at the same time. It’s horrible!

7. On that note I actually can’t do accents. None of them. I think my worst must be Scottish. But I always try. Especially if I have been drinking at a wedding.

8. I have always wanted to go to India. One day I will go #India2028

9. I would love to travel the world with my family. Spending a few months in France, Italy & Spain in particular. I would love to eat gelato, pizza, baguettes and make croissant smiles with both Oliver and Isla. Be completely out of our comfort zone. One day.

10. On that note I would love to live in a shoebox apartment in New York City with my tribe. Yep. Work in the Big Apple.

11. I have always been a dreamer [See point 9 and point 10].

12. Speaking of travel and children. I remember the exact moment I was ready to be a mother. I had just turned 22 in Italy, it was 2007 and I was eating gelato. I saw this family of four walk past. The mother in a beautiful sun dress holding a little girls hand and the father and son walking together. It hit me hard. Everything I had ever done in life was a preparation for the moment I would become a mama. I had to wait until the end of the following year to meet the love of my life and then a few years later to become a mama. But when you know you know. And worth the wait in my opinion.

13. I recently got a dress which I call my Italy dress. It is a sundress and when I wear it I feel like I am back under the Tuscan sun, drinking wine without a care in the world. [See point 11 living the dream].

14. Some days I want chickens and other days I want diamonds. This line pretty much sums me up. Literally speaking there are days when I want a huge blingy diamond to flip off cars that cut me off on the highway. And other days I want to go out to the backyard and get fresh eggs for breakfast. Metaphorically it also describes my love of fashion, consumer driven materially things and then the lets all move to the country, start a farm and grow our on vegetables. The struggle is real people!

15. I have Chronic Kidney Disease, something I have had since birth. My personal arrival into this world was very tramautic and I was an incredibly lucky baby. Having CKD hasn’t ever affected me, that is until I wanted to start a family. As a result I had two high risk and complicated pregnancies, with both Oliver and Isla arriving early.

16. My specialists have all agreed no more pregnancies. I haven’t really come to terms with this, although I know how lucky I am to have two healthy children. But being told you can not do something is never easy.

17. I love cooking. My love affair with cooking began when I got my own apartment in Paris. I was asked by the landlady if I wanted a washing machine or an oven. I chose the oven! In the winter when I would cook roast dinners it used to warm my tiny 25 square metre apartment. Perfect cooking and heating in one! I have never looked back.

18. My Husband is my best friend. He makes me feel like I am in the best RomCom ever written. He is the most generous, loving and caring man I have ever met. We technically had our first day in New York City, the best ‘meet-cute’ ever [but that’s a story for another time].

19. I have always loved taking photographs. I’m the annoying person at every gathering taking photos. Just one more photo I say. I even had a little exhibition when I moved back from Paris. Everyday I am learning more and more about the art of photography and I hope to inspire and make people smile with my photos.

20. Becoming a mama is hands down the best thing I have ever done with my life. Through all the struggles, dramas, laughter, no sleep and tears I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than where I am now. I can not describe the love I feel for my two children. They have indeed made me a better person and I hope to inspire them to be the most humble, honest and respectful people they can be.

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