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by Deanna

We all adore her. We’ve followed her in the lead up to her wedding, and we drool over her styling. Her desire to have children is abundantly clear, and she’s not afraid to let everyone know it – which we love. I have followed her on Instagram from the beginning, and remember when she was celebrating reaching 10k followers, when all of a sudden overnight she jumped to 15k. Now, more than 70,000 people log onto Instagram daily to see what she’s up to. Whether it’s a gorgeous flatlay with her favourite baby brands or a shot of her super relaxed living room, Kyree keeps us coming back for more, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her Instagram followers this year. I had the pleasure of delving into her mind, and asking her the juicy details that we all want to know.

Let’s start things easy, and simple …

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
I have to force myself to eat breaky, I could just live off a coffee but I know that’s bad for me. So I have muesli with sliced fruit and lactose free milk. But I LOVE pancakes on Sundays.

2. Most enjoyed Winter and Summer beverages?
Winter I love hot chocolates. I love the feeling of snuggling up on a chilly winters day, holding a hot cup of drink. In summer I love to drink lemon lime and bitters. I’m not a huge alcoholic drinker so I stick to fizzy drinks and water.

3. What three things do you take to your desert island (unfortunately George Clooney isn’t available)?
Sunscreen, because I fry when I walk outside and because I’m a mum at heart. My phone because I can’t live without taking photos and even if it dies on the island with no battery, at least I would have taken a heap of stunning photos beforehand. My husband, well because he’s super spunky, my best friend and everything I ever need in life.

4. Describe your style …
I always thought I was a bit of a nana. I prefer comfort over style and I don’t have the best self confidence. But more recently I’m learning to embrace my looks and am learning more and more to love my style. I live in denim, love flowy dresses and I can’t stand anything that’s too tight. I like simple but elegant looks.

5. Holiday destination of choice?
Santorini! That was my dream destination and where my husband proposed to me. The stunning white buildings, the constant smell of delicious food wafting through the air, the piercing blue ocean. Everything was exactly how I imagined paradise to be and I still dream about the magical time we spent there, I would love to go back one day and take our kids.

Ok, let’s step it up a little …

6. How do you chill out?
I take photos. Very strange I know but I get myself into a zone, and I really go into another place. It’s where I find I’m the most relaxed and at peace with myself.

7. Something you can’t live without?
I can’t live without music. I love listening to Triple J in the car and hearing all the new and upcoming bands. When I clean at home I crank up the Dixie Chicks or Micheal Buble and dance around. All types of music resonates with me and I can’t live without it.

8. You have a dinner party and can invite three people dead or alive, who’s attending?
Grace Kelly, she’s the most graceful most stunning being ever. I long to be her! Mark Wahlberg, because I truly adore his acting and I could imagine him being pretty entertaining. Do all my friends on IG count? I couldn’t decide so i’m inviting everyone who I follow. I really love my time on IG and getting to know the friends I’ve made. I’m not always on there but when I get time I go stalking to catch up.

9. …and what signature dish do you cook for them? More importantly, does it involve dessert?
I’m a savoury person. I would cook them lasagna because I make a pretty mean dish from scratch.

10. When you jump on Instagram, which accounts do you look at no matter what?
Oh Boy, this is a tough one. I follow over 600 accounts and I can barely keep up. I adore @oldjoy @homeiswherethehartis @warnjai @zilvi @yorkeleeprints @sheriseodea There are some seriously inspirational accounts that I follow and of course ones I haven’t even discovered yet. I love exploring and finding new people to befriend.

11. Are you afraid of anything? (we promise we won’t use this against you. Maybe)
The dark! It’s funny becuse I LOVE scary movies. And I mean the scarier the better! But then I can’t walk to my room alone or sleep with the light off. I don’t know why I do it to myself really.

12. Favourite childhood memory?
I grew up on Christmas Island so this – as a whole – is pretty bloody awesome. We moved there when I was 6 and I didn’t leave until I was 17. During these years we had so much freedom which is so different from today’s reality. We rode our bikes all around the island, went to the outdoor cinema every Saturday night, we stayed out late and went swimming without the adults. We lived a stones throw away from the ocean so I always remember falling asleep to the sound of the soothing ocean.

13. What are your non-negotiable health and beauty routines?
I don’t really have any. Tut Tut I know but I’m so lazy with this sort of thing. I barely put make up on during the better days. I suppose the one thing I’ve been doing which I think is really important is taking Vitamin D, and salmon oil tablets daily. As well as lathering on the Bio Oil nightly. When I remember!

Oh, these are too easy? Ok, let’s get personal.

14. What does self care mean to you?
Taking time out for me. Making sure I’m happy and not letting myself get too run down. I tend to put other peoples needs first and have, in the past, let too many people put me down or take too much control. I’ve learnt to be stronger, make my voice louder and make my needs a priority. You can’t care for others if you’re not in a healthy state of mind. First and foremost, if you’re healthy happy and loving life, then the people around you will absorb this amazing energy too.

15. Leap into the future and describe to us how it looks …
Full of babies. Baby making is oh so fun but really hard work too. When you want something so badly but it’s out of your control, that’s when stress impacts you. I imagine our future full of Harvey Babies but I would be content with just one to start with. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this year brings for us.

16. Inspiration; what makes you go chick chick boom?
Styling makes my heart explode. I love it, I breathe it and I can’t get enough of it. There’s just something about the placement of interiors, and the styling of products that makes me all gooey inside. It excites me and I think that’s why I’m so passionate about it.

17. What makes you wet-your-pants happy?
Fly Home Day! The day my husband fly’s in from being away at work, THAT is what makes me happy. Being apart for two LONG DREADFUL weeks at a time, makes my aching for him stronger each time. The day he comes home, I get butterfly’s, I can’t concentrate at work and I pretty much do a happy dance the entire way to the airport.

18. Do you live by a life motto? If so, do share …
“You can’t change people who can’t see wrong on what they do”. I’ve had lots of things happen in the past two years in the lead up to our wedding that has completely changed me. It’s changed how I think, it’s changed how I feel and it’s changed my complete outlook on life. I’ve learnt to put myself first, I’ve learnt that not everyone has the same way of thinking as you, and I’ve learnt that not everyone is able to see past the grey fog that is “themselves”. Remove the toxic and encourage the bright and wonderful.

19. Tell us something about yourself that we’d be surprised to hear …
Now this is something I can’t really answer. I mean, I put my whole life on Instagram for people to read and there’s nothing I don’t really hide on there. You know we are trying for a baby, you know I’m obsessed with everything interiors, you pretty much have seen every inch of our new home. Hmm something you don’t know? I have a journalism degree which I have never really used. Is that surprising enough?

and finally …

20. What’s next for @misskyreeloves?
I envision huge things for our business. Styling products is just the tip of an amazing journey ahead. We are currently working on a room reveal which I’m hoping will be an internet show stopper and then from there we will conquer the world.

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One thought on “Mama Crush: Miss Kyree Loves

  1. Kyree,
    As a woman who recently had to have a hysterectomy & removal of both ovaries after a tumour at age 29, I can completely relate to that intense desire to have a baby but have it out of your control ! I just wanted to say that while you & others may “believe” in certain things …. I believe that good things happen to good people (the vibes you send out into the universe are the ones you get back for yourself) you sound like a truly patient, selfless person with an abundance of love & I just know you are going to get that abundant love back in the form of a little baby for you to love & share your kindness with (and who are we kidding ….. Make look adorable with your knack for perfect styling lol)
    I just wanted to say, be patient, be kind to yourself & cut yourself & your body some slack !! The universe is just giving you these other amazing things to enjoy & that you need to share with the world right now …… Before you know it, you will have that babe in your arms, while you are relaxing on the beaches of Santorini as a little family of 3 !! I can’t wait to share in that moment with you on IG (I follow you, I’m katch_a_dream) !! And I can’t wait to watch the universe give another good person everything they dream & wish for ! Your vibe is your tribe …… And your vibes will definitely give you your tribe !!
    Take care Kyree … Love, light & fertility xx


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