Interview with Little Maggio Moo



by Emmy 

Little Maggie Moo is a divine small business that combines my loves of all things floral with vintage charm. Floral bloomers and matching topknots [heart eyes for days] I couldn’t be anymore in love. They also have amazing prints for boys! Oh and the quality is out of this world!

Who are the Mama’s behind Little Maggie Moo? Can you share a little snippet of who you both are?

Christy + Ansje of Little Maggie Moo [A rocking mother/daughter combo]

Christy – Hello, I’m half of LMM. I’m a mama, designer, sewer, bike rider and most recently gardener. I love the outdoors and I love taking my two year old on little adventures every day.

Ansje –  I am the other half of LMM. I worked as a nurse/midwife for 47 years, working in midwifery, clinical nurse teaching and my last job was as a Community Nurse for 15 years. I love travel and have visited over 50 countries. I love bushwalking, cycling, reading, visiting friends and family, coffee and being a grandmother. And of course I love sitting in my sunny spot sewing.

What inspired you both to start Little Maggie Moo?

 Christy – For me it started as a great way to spend time with my mum when I became pregnant. When I found out, I was so excited I immediately gave her a long list of items I wanted her to make! Thankfully, along the way, she taught me to make items myself, as the list was growing fast!

Ansje – I began sewing again (after a 20 year hiatus) when Christy was pregnant with Maggie. I enjoyed it so much I continued making bibs and baby clothes to sell at a local market. From here, we decided to try our luck online and so began the Little Maggie Moo online store.

What is your biggest surprise since starting Little Maggie Moo?

Christy – The support we receive from all of our amazing customers! They are amazing.

Ansje – How quickly we have grown. We have so many loyal clients who have been shopping with us from the very beginning.

 Favourite item from SS15 range?

Christy – Without a doubt my favourite fabrics from this season are Maisey Daisy and Boho Daisy. I’m such a fan of retro style floral fabrics! Luckily our customers are too!

Ansje –  I love the florals, but I really love the black and white fabrics too. The origami fabric is a favourite at the moment, as I do love strong colours.

Life/work balance? How do you do it all?

Christy – It certainly isn’t easy with a two year old. Thankfully my mum is there to keep it going when I’m ‘unavoidably unavailable’. Good news for my mum however, I’ve made a few changes recently which will mean I will have more time to work on LMM and give her a rest! Sometimes it’s like a sweat shop in her kitchen!

Ansje –  Sometimes it difficult to find balance. I enjoy the sewing, but have to remember to include other activities into the mix. At times I am very busy sewing 12 hours a day, but other times I can stop for coffee, meet with friends, visit with our grandkids and my husband and I travel overseas at least once a year. I also make sure I walk every day.

Best advice for other mama’s wanting to start a small business?

Christy – Totally go for it! But try and make a plan before jumping in head first. For us it’s grown so quickly, we’re only just catching up with the logistics we should have had in place in the beginning.

Ansje – Just go for it. Draw up a plan of what you want to sell, make sure your presentation is good in every way, including online, packaging etc. Christy, being a Graphic Designer, really helped with the presentation.

What is your favourite way to have some down time?

Ansje – Going for drives, bike rides, walking, meeting friends and family for coffee, catching up with my online friends, reading and watching TV.

Christy – Eating ice cream on a sunny day with my two year old Maggie. She is totally obsessed at the moment.

Best way to spend a rainy afternoon? 

Christy – Watching a movie curled up on the couch with a cup of tea in hand.

Ansje – Actually sewing , while watching an old movie, or reading a book. 

What’s your favourite type of tea?  

Christy – I’ve grown up with English Breakfast and it’s still my fave!

Ansje – English Breakfast also.

What is one life skill you hope to pass down to your daughter?

Christy – To be brave. It’s something I’ve learnt to be over the years.

Ansje – To accept who you are and be happy.

Biggest learning as a mother?

Ansje – From the moment you look into your baby’s eyes and fall in love, you are never the same again. Your life is changed forever. You love this child so much, but at the same time you feel over-awed that you are responsible for another human being for 24 hours a day. So scary at first. But then the days pass and the baby thrives and smiles and grows and you start to relax and enjoy being a mother. You learn early on that your time is not your own, you learn that your world has become smaller and revolves around your kids and family and that the small things you always thought were important aren’t.

Christy – Patience. And to stop worrying what other people think.

So, What’s next for Little Maggie Moo?

Christy – More fabulous fabrics! We have been on a big search recently and found some amazing designs, which we can’t wait to share with you!

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